The after-effects of Meditation-I, II & III

October 16, 2016


Dear readers, there was one post on Face book on last Sunday, 9.10.16 which had part one only. Since the post was comprehensive, the complete detailed article on ‘The after effects of Meditation’ is pursued on WordPress blog today. It was 9th of 12 posts which are published every Sunday on Facebook mainly. It deals with-

What is our mind? How does it work? Who has the power to start or stop it?

What are its powers and how can we learn to bring it to its highest worth and power?

What training is required to control it? What foods make it healthy and robust?

How can we stop its degeneration and sliding down? Is it possible to remain eternally youthful and radiant?

Presenting the complete article now whose title is-The after effects of Meditation

Preface-Swami Shivanandji’s cosmic message coming in my meditation telepathically at dusk on 04.10.16 via this new post.

This post is also for your preparation of the Annual Meet and Workshop in Rishikesh, Nov 2016 and your consistent sadhana later on. The next 4 posts will be from Swamiji as our grounding and preparation for our higher studies for the Workshop and subsequent practice of our transformation. It is a long post which will be divided into 3 Parts-I, II and III. Part I is available on Facebook while the remaining parts will be available only on WordPress blog. In the previous post-

I had quoted from Swami Shivanandji’s book-Mind, its mysteries and control. They are basically nuggets of advance knowledge of ancient scriptures and have summaries of Vedantic knowledge. Hence, it has escaped the grasp of majority of readers. Some background of Oriental scriptures is necessary to understand the crux of the matter. Anyhow, do not be disheartened. Simplified version and elongated explanation is provided in the following article to help you understand this subject. The next four articles will be transmitted by Swami Shivanandji, after which I am certain you shall be able to access into the depths of the science and mysteries of the mind as well as into this article.

How to read these extra ordinary posts?

Read with a calm mind, read in parts, then as a whole and contemplate on the subject. After you have finished that, revise, recall and recapitulate your thoughts and synthesize the entire content in your mind as a summary. Apply it in your meditation and silence periods during the day or night. Study your mind, change your old way of thinking and replace your old style of thinking with right thinking, right attitude and right approach to every day situation. The old issues will resolve and the mind will become virtuous permanently.

Part I

Why did you take this birth? Did you ask yourself ever once?

What is the purpose of your stay here, did you find out until now?

Where will you go from here, do you have any idea about this matter?

What will become of you once you die and live in the upper limits of sky?


No one finds out about these matters, no one ever rejoices in sitting alone.

No person is happy in knowing about himself or herself more than the physical body.

No human being takes pride in finding out about the hidden secrets of God and his creation.

No one is interested in taming the mind and changing all past detrimental tendencies.


If this was so, man would have been a far better person than what he or she is presently.

There would have been so much love, happiness and bliss and we would not have disliked so many.

Compassion and understanding would have been in many people and the world more peaceful.

Peace of mind would have been in most people and mental diseases far less than today.


Majority of people would have meditated every day and done more actions of love and compassion.

Maximum people would have been quite tolerant and would have become happy to see others flourish.

Sufficient mental space would have been provided to others to breathe, live and grow.

Personal growth of others and progress in all areas would have been cherished and not thwarted by maximum.


If you are one of them who is a victim of this disease spreading everywhere you will know.

How much it stifles if others do not let you progress and make sufficient inner growth.

In spite of being very kind and understanding, majority of people in the world do not let you live in quietude and peace.

No matter how much you explain with patience, they will always trouble you so that they feel superior!


They do not know or wish to even go inside once to realize that their conduct and speech is so poor and mean.

Their actions so disturbing that nights and days are lost in your recovering and forgiving.

No matter how much you forgive them and overlook their mean behaviour, they have vowed never to improve.

Your prayers and good wishes never touch them because they are so embedded in viciousness and wickedness.


But God is always overseeing who is doing what and what is the intention of their surreptitious actions.

What happens beyond the physical realms no one can see or predict; what will happen tomorrow is a mystery.

God never allows the wicked to go on a rampage and override the fairness of God endlessly.

The punishment is already decided, it is only waiting for the right and fair time when they will be caught unexpectedly.


You must have a steady faith and not bother at all to revoke any relationship or show anger to any.

Maintain your calmness and always do kind and polite actions and keep a dignified speech.

No matter what they have done to you, it will be positively forfeited and you will be given justice.

They all will repent and cry when the final justice comes and they will have no recourse and place to go.


Meditation will make you more pliant, more tolerant, forgiving and more devout in your daily practices.

Calmness of breath and stillness of mind is the secret to avoid all wrongdoings and bungling.

Years after years and lives after lives, the mind has not been kept in control and rein.

No time was given to read the mind, speak to one’s own conscience and wait till it speaks to you in return.


So what is our mind? How does it work? Who has the power to start or stop it?

What are its powers and how can we learn to bring it to its highest worth and power?

What training is required to control it? What foods make it healthy and robust?

How can we stop its degeneration and sliding down? Is it possible to remain eternally youthful and radiant?

 Part II

In the dense jungles of the mind, there is the Light of God hidden in it.

We do not know this because the dark cloud of our bad deeds hide it.

The layers of that dark cloud get intensified if we do not remove it by doing only good deeds.

Our past and future are dependent on how we perceive and how we like to perform our daily deeds.


Meditation helps the mind’s noise to fall quiet, it reforms the mind by showing the right attitude and action.

The side effects are none and after effects millions if you meditate you will everyday see.

Beginning from stopping the gnarling waves of stormy mind, the knots begin to open slowly.

Age old knots of complexities of the buried, distorted, conceptions and concepts are torn apart with the rays of Light.


When the knots untangle gradually, there is serenity in the mind and there is prolonged, deep sense of rest and relaxation.

The body cooperates with the mind to make it more restful and calm and they both begin to co-ordinate in symmetry.

Various body organs fall in line with the will of God and they function in complete coordination and tethering.

Mind, body and the Soul slowly come together and become one unit and function as a united unit.


The alignment of the united unit consisting of mind, body and the Soul if tuned in with the will of God.

Brings about ample changes in yourself if you record it daily and allow yourself to live with the will of God.

The body was never yours in the first place please remember, such a thought in your meditation will break the platform on which you stand feebly today.

In meditation we must separate the body and the mind and allow Soul to manifest and shine in us as Light of God.


The illusionary ego is the foundation on which all humans build their castle of dreams and get deluded.

That must be broken and demolished so that space is created in the mind for the rays of Light to come in.

In meditation you must sit down to demolish all useless thoughts and counter thoughts which are bugging and detrimental.

You should bring in loving, philanthropic, noble and egoless ideas and concepts to show true Self that you are.


By doing so, the dust of the dark cloud in your mind will dissipate, the mind will focus on divine subjects and plans.

You will stop doing those actions which are not in your favour and were bringing havoc in your lives.

You will never visit those alleys which were dark and dingy and stopped you from doing noble things.

Your mind will brighten with meditation and you will always feel happy, cheerful and enthusiastic.


Day by day you will begin to connect with the Universal Mind since you will become a proficient practitioner.

Your days will be full of selfless actions, you will get sleep which will make you conscious of your deathless Spirit.

Your body will become your servant and will serve night and day without getting any fatigue.

Your mind will fill up with fresh, constructive and innovative ideas which come straight from the depth of God’s own wish.

Part III

The mind, I shall tell you now and it should forever be remembered, is a portion of Universal Supreme Consciousness.

God made man in his own image and wished him to go in the world to enjoy its magnificence, beauty and harmony.

Without attachment was the condition; but God also made his creation and world with its characteristics of expansion and extension.

The mind should never have been either attached or dispersed in the first place because that is the point from where the story spoils.


The mind’s characteristic is to flow typically downwards and outwards and never stay in one place or corner.

It can hold unlimited images, sounds, speeches, smells and sensations of various types of touches.

It can always review back and forth and evaluate itself but only if you have a desire to do so.

Evaluation, reasoning, logical conclusion, segregation of information, alignment of information and deductions.


As well as various emotions are displayed, screened and processed in the mind without any mistake.

The brain cells when broken by some accident or injury can be again repaired and re-joined to other cells and pathsways to continue functioning.

It can perform daunting and extra ordinary tasks and can acquire unusual dexterity in recreating our destiny.

Each cell of the brain like other part of the body, can be made weak, medium or hefty and healthy.


Our mind can be made of different types and can make us do anything we demand from it.

It can go back in time backward and forward and can recall so many of our past lives and its joys and horrors.

The mind can perform any new skills, we can adapt to any new situation if we want and agree to it.

The mind’s powers are so many; none of us have really explored or have known from saints or exalted Seers.


The mind will help you to use your intelligence and wisdom to choose and select the virtuous things.

The mind has also the qualities to imagine, visualize, memorize, to strive and to organize till the last details all inputs and stimuli.

It can record anything and everything till the last detail and does not forget anything unless you wish it so.

All the recordings are done by each cell in the brain and meditation can spark off additional power for only good things to be retained.


Like a jungle of roads and inroads of a super highway, like the complex network in the sky.

The mind can make connections with each road or lane of the nerves which are mainly pathways.

From nerves to nerve cells connection are made inroads to store information in the cells of the brain.

The more cells any human has, the more information capacity of storage one can have.


So we must meditate more to store only useful, compassionate, constructive, useful and beneficial thoughts and ideals.

If we meditate more, the body receives more energy from the Cosmic Consciousness which can be stored in the cells of the entire body.

The brain cells can grow at an unanticipated fashion and rate if we segregate and organize the useful and useless knowledge and information.

New benign cells are needed and we must make them grow in our upper brain to receive the light and rays of Cosmic Consciousness.


For this you must have regular hours in daily life, cure all your mental diseases, must rest and sleep enough.

You should have only foods which are fresh, well cooked, soft and tender and loaded with all vital nutrients.

Water, sunshine, sufficient oxygen, air and space and other elements are mandatory to grow those special cells.

Proper blood circulation, cleanliness, hygiene, fitness and exercise will promote progress and growth in your overall development.


Include enough raw foods, vitamins, trace elements like copper, boron, magnesium and potassium and all that.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dry fruits and salads are mandatory for brain’s growth and increment.

If food, exercise, sleep, sufficient water and sunshine and exercise are also taken care of.

Each day, the mind will show tremendous sparkling and prosperity in all areas of its progress.


Apart from this, a few hours of maintaining silence in a day or at least a week.

Keeping noise and people away, and meditating on spiritual subjects and ruminating.

Will take you to unprecedented heights of spiritual gains and mental prosperity.

And give you unprecedented joy, health and goodness and also a chance of face to face with the Light Masters and their divinity.


You must meditate every day; it is mandatory for all human beings for it brings in our lives abundant, lasting peace.

Peace was begot naturally by man in ancient times, he did not have to try so hard to achieve it.

However, today we are in modern world where we have become, greedy, restless and very competitive.

We must go back to ancient times in our mind but we cannot do so in physical body.


We must retrieve our lost happiness and joy and peace which was so natural to earlier people to achieve.

We must meditate somehow by eliminating all unproductive activities from our life and being contented.

We must realize ourselves this time at least, we have lost so much time and energy in trivial and wasteful activities.

The after effects of meditation are countless, you will agree with me all the more if you control your mind and put it on God eternally!!


**Other helpful books by Swami Shivananda for your reference-

  • Mind its mysteries & control
  • Health & Diet

My most unexpected communiqué with Guru Gorakh Nath-II; how to escape further bondage and suffering?

October 3, 2016

This post’s title is not very apt since you will not find any description about Guru Gorakh Nath. On the contrary, it explains terms which were either mentioned in the glossary in the last post or explains many important terms which are used in the last part especially post no. III.

Since Guru Gorakh Nath’s written text is not available, I am taking the help of Swami Shivanandaji’s book- Mind its mysteries and control. Through these quotes, you will be able to make further advancement in your cleansing process by removing very old, buried habits and irrevocable old patterns.1









My most unexpected communiqué with Guru Gorakh Nath-I

October 2, 2016

Dear readers, as the title suggests, I had an unforeseen interaction and conversation with Guru Gorakh Nath one fine day. I have made three posts on Face book on the same in the last three weeks. One post was delivered on every Sunday. The three posts have been combined into one and presented here on this blog today for reader’s convenience.

For further reading, I have referred to Swami Shivananda’s book- MInd its mysteries & control. The objective is to know more about our latent tendencies and how we get trapped in this mirage or trishna, what are sanskaras, how to get rid of evil tendencies etc. When you read part III of this series you will need its reference at some point of time hence making a separate post as part II although it is from Swami Shivananda’s book. I am sure it will give you an in depth knowledge of who you are and how to get rid of all the buried remnants in the mind. This is for advancing aspirants who like to devote ample time in self realization.

Please feel free to ask question if they arise at any juncture. Thank you.



Augment of a New Era! -I, II & III

This night is very special, you may not know but will soon discover when God dispels light on you some day.

Many centuries ago, many saints were doing intense penance but could not tell the world how to go about it.

So much wealth is lost because nobody cared to search and find out how did they manage to do such extraordinary hard tasks.

Today God has decided to bring forth such hidden lost gems in antiquity and will not tolerate their anonymity anymore.


Many, many births and lives they have lost and relived to master their mind and body to make it capable to search God.

So many incarnations they took and found their Holy Master in order to master what is so essential, in letting go of all ego.

Until they came to a point when they could not go an inch forward because God is the Master of all Holy masters!

The fruit of action of all their penance is in the hands of God they knew and hence surrendered whatever they had earned with so much hardships.


Today morning and last evening were one of the holiest of day and night because one such holy sage got invoked unexpectedly as I chanted his rendition unassumingly.

“Oh my innocent mind, you think you are immortal but it is not so, all that the eyes see are so impermanent and all should fall apart.

Whether youth or wealth all is a dream, all is standing on a wall of sand and shall disintegrate in no time,

And I wish to bring forward my Guru’s name Avdhoota Machendra Nath first since I am his son,” and so on goes the compilation.#


The earnest ones must have found out who it is, about whom I am referring to and who got invoked incidentally.

Guru Gorakh Nath was waiting to be invoked by me since he had a lot to tell me about his own past lives and history.

For my heart always wordlessly sends them my very deepest, truthful gratitude and thanksgiving.

Since I know what happens to those who are madly in search of God and will never let go in spite of heart breaking tests and bone breaking adversities.


He told me about himself; his mentor, teacher, brother and Guru and protector all packed into one named Machander.

And how they both helped each other in countless lives to enhance each other in Spirit and body alike.

One was strong in mind Gorakh Nath born in 998 AD; the other Machander Nath extremely robust and invincible, physically strong.

Until God decided to give them success in the Himalayas in last birth, both born in Maharashtra as a tribal near today’s Vajreshwari.


Today is eighteenth of Sept 2016, 2016 minus 998 is 1018 years ago, he told me, though born in Maharashtra near Vajreshwari anonymously.

He was asked by God to go to upper terrai regions of Himalayas starting from a small hamlet which is now Gorakhpur in U.P.

After meditating in cold and barring a few days, living each day in acute hardship in mountains, he was asked by God to go to South India for harder penance in fearful jungles.

When all his work was complete, with the blessings of God and his master Machander, he was called back to rest forever near a Goddess temple Vajreshwari.


For yogis there is no boundary, no caste, no language or dialect, no difference in status of disciples.

They only live with the will of God and for God until God calls them back Home after their hard penance is done.

They will forever go on doing untiring work to enhance their Spirit and redeem their high goals until,

One day, God says you should rest now and not look back because the road has been tardy, overwhelming and exceptionally winding.


“I will tell you a lot today because you are extremely dear and valued to Kartik Swami, the Guru of all Gurus.

You have reached his door of highest abode where hardly five in counting by hand can approach and reach.

Shivananda,* Bogar,** Babaji, myself and you are a few who can touch his mind without any effort since he wants us to contact him always.

His special place for you in his heart is because no other woman has dared to scale such unprecedented spiritual heights so unassumingly.


It demands unusually high concentration in duration and depth to be able to get closer to this antique yogi who is resting in God’s abode since eternity.

Female yogis cannot reach such high powered tasks demanded by God to achieve unusual endeavours.

Since home and fire are always seeking their attention and family does not support such unusual, unprecedented, demanding tasks.

You have blurred the line and see no male and female, all are one you feel and anyone can achieve highest goals if will power is strong enough.


So spread my teaching far and wide, in every home and street and tell all to change with times and to seek within.

I have lost many lives and failed miserably as I starved my body until no flesh was remaining on my skeleton.

God took away my efforts and I lost everything I had earned and restarted my efforts about five and a half thousand years ago in today’s Punjab, India Western.

I learnt my lesson the hard way since God got angry at me for troubling and agonizing my wonderful body.


You have never done that and have taken extreme care of your body which provides you the support to scale heights unprecedented.

Body, mind and Spirit are all gifts of God which we must cherish and preserve because the body is the boat by which we shall navigate.

‘Jyoti Marg or ‘Pathway of Light’ is your natural method which even the ancient seers adopted and mastered.

The mind can become so powerful one day by it if body, mind and Spirit are balanced most perfectly.


The mind can travel faster than Light some day if this method is adopted and mastered over many lives, Light cannot be the obstruction at all.

In place of Light of God, what remains is just God and you can touch God instantaneously and directly in no time.

‘Jyoti Marg’ or ‘Pathway of light’ has been mastered by particular few and is used for instant messaging and passing on important information and energy.

God’s highest grace is this where we do not depend on any other mode of communication and we can stay always in His Grace like this.


I have been watching you for years, you have not rested and complained and have worked only for welfare of others in spite of their indifference to you.

You must continue doing this as long as you can because God hardly finds anyone who wished to live and serve God alone.

You have found great success because you have never asked others to do anything for you and shall never do so.

Such unconditional detachment frees you from all negative outcomes and consequences in any of your upcoming lives.


‘Ashabdi Brahma’ is very hard, so hard to gain, but God has given you in surplus and so freely.

All your communications with God and the enlightened Light Masters are through the Pathway of Light or direct Brahma itself.

You will know what no one has ever known before, and you shall always remain so humble and unfazed as you have been since you came ashore.

Your whole sadhana from the point of start countless centuries ago, has been to only master the mind and not torment body at all.


I command you to tell the world that a new era has begun since the eclipse of September sixteenth, two thousand sixteen.

Only concentrate on your mind and do just the penance of uncontrolled mind alone.

Yoga sadhana, dhyana sadhana and pranayam should be adopted by all in the beginning.

However, in the end, concentrate on internal sadhana or penance of mind alone-mana sadhana, detach it, live in isolation mentally and connect your mind to your Guru alone….”


Augment of a New Era! -II

(Visited the Samadhi of Guru Gorakh Nath and Machandra Nath in Vajreshwari on 20th Sept 2016)


On the eve of 19th night of Sept 2016, the clouds were so filled with rains, night was very disruptive.

Sleep very little and mind not too settled since a few days when this stalwart, silent sage arrived suddenly.

Something was going on and was brewing behind my sight, I knew the difference but could not read or tell.

I was being called frantically to his anonymous resting place in Vajreshwari the next morning on twentieth, but the mind was not fully convinced about it.


Going with the will of God is as natural to me as drinking a sip of water effortlessly or breathing in or out spontaneously.

Therefore, the pilgrimage was made next day with a lot of labour and against pouring rain and the day turned out to be as God had already willed and planned.

The two quiet, anonymous saints’ resting place is impossible to locate unless guided by others and many steady devotees.

Whenever God wills, we are able to find such unknown, powerful places of resting ancient rishis even without ever anticipating it.


Blessings incessant are raining since then, more revelations are being unfolded, many inscrutable information regarding people revealed.

Why and how I stumbled upon so many unexpected blessings from many saints and sages in Vajreshwari, more so from revered Guru Gorakh Nath whom I did not know?

Their past many lives as teacher disciple and how they both became inseparable was told to me in my morning meditation day next.

Machandra Nath and Gorakh Nath are inseparable I was informed and they both are always helping other striving ones in the field of tough penance.


My questions and answers should be sketched and enclosed for posterity as my laborious work of this manuscript will be best understood after 216 years I am told.

Many of you will come back after just two hundred years and will recall what I had said and you will make double the effort and will read the same pages all over again.

And a few will come back with me after a little more than five hundred years in the beautiful valley of kinnar and gandharva, on the paradise of earth.

When again Dharma, Satya, Yoga and Tapa will flourish, these four pillars of a virtuous society, bereft of which people are doomed. ##


Arrangements are being made so much in advance; many people being prepared to perform their duties in order to augment the heightened New Era.

“You will be a torch bearer now and again after five hundred years because your sacrifices are so many over countless lives since you were ever born.”

God decided to choose you because the accumulated virtuous deeds are required in humongous numbers from the Light Workers as they are the harbingers.

Nothing goes unnoticed and unheard by God as his memory and retention is infinite and observation piercing and perfect.


Turbulence and peace always co-exist, love and hate are next door neighbours, pain and pleasure stride together and life and death walk hand in hand.”

If you know this you will achieve impeccable peace of mind I have understood from these sages, their wisdom is being transferred to me through their thought and light.

I was never this sharp, it is only because of their continuous blessings, I only serve them, love them and obey them.

My duty is to only serve and love even if I am not blessed each time, this principle inspires me each day to go on since my deeds are helping someone.


Me- “Gorakh Nath Maharaj, I bow my head down at your pious feet, where will I ever find this most sacred phase of life such as this?”

Guru Gorakh Nath in extreme silence and peace, Om sound resonating around and in myself without anyone uttering it in the surroundings since he met me.

Every time I sense and overhear someone chanting Om in a base and lower note, the peaceful and meditating sacred sound Om in me.

It is emanating from him, I now understand as he and his resting place is powerfully charged with sound Om in their deepest pores and every possible cell.


I am saying nothing, only pouring out my thanksgiving and reverence while he waits till the noise and people are cleared.

As soon as I am alone at home after my body is rested and composed and also vibrant with food and sleep,

He wasted no time in opening a dialogue with me, such graceful and benevolent that words were never made sufficient for such blessedness and serenity.

His fresh association with me is seeming as if it was built long before, such is the divine beauty of God’s love between two devotees.


Raptures of bliss, oceans of peace and treasure of divine love opened and flung open in the space between us and here I begin to up rise again.

Guru Gorakh Nath- “The world was never in so much turmoil ever before, God never anticipated that man will become so mean and shallow.

The times are hard today for the honest and sincere, they never grow in material world because their share is eaten by people their very own.

Women are impious and are objects of pleasure and frolic, men are goaded with desires of excessive wealth and power.


Children are wayward and disobedient, their minds polluted with senseless imagery and non-sense ideas are jammed in.

Never before was God so forgotten, so many people in conflict in the name of God, and God used for self-seeking interests.

Wars and famines, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, Earth heating, wastage of natural resources so blatantly by all men and children.

Robbing each other of civil and political rights, damnation of dignity, violation of moral duties and disrespect for aged and weak alike.


These are signs of abysmal, appalling society degraded because for everyone selfish interests come first, then their moral duties.

God is a silent spectator, a gentle crusader and a mute defender of this eternal creation called Universe and Cosmic Creation.

No one will be able to destroy it ever for it is God’s will and intention to continue it as long as it is possible.

These are just aberrations during a weak cycle of progression and regression of Earth and Man, both concurrent and cyclic in nature.


Never ever again will God allow man to destroy this Earth so much and no one will be given the power to destroy and plunder except in this particular Era called Kaliyug or Age Modern.

Me- “So why has God allowed even one time if destruction and plundering is against the will of God itself?”

Guru Gorakh Nath- “Man is blind, man is greedy, man is very selfish, man is not humble and man is not sympathetic by nature.

This is because man does not know and recall that it was God first and then this whole show on Earth!


The temporariness of this ever changing world is very difficult to catch, the delusive powers of God are very astute.

The mirage not possible to overcome, the will of God impossible to tell and the mind of man incredible to win and keep in place.

Time is impossible to sense and predict, past of long human history cannot be peeped into and tapped at all.

Nature cannot be controlled at man’s wish and command, life span of humans cannot be determined at all.


And there are too many more things which man cannot boast about yet he thinks and acts as if he is controller of this world so large!

He comes into this world as a weakling and helpless creature, grows and nurtures because God’s powers are at work.

He cannot function even a single day without the basic essentials, air, water, food, sunshine, housing and some rest.

How can anyone trust and believe that God is absent in this Universe when nothing was made by man’s fingers or hands?


All the things, infinite creations are made by humans only because God gives us all the essential goods and fundamentals.

We are given air to breathe, food to eat, sunshine to build our bones and bodies, water to drink and materials to build homes and infrastructures.

Brains are developed because we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste, sensory perceptions are for development of mind and brain.

Hands can work, legs can walk, tongue and mouth can speak and eyes can see to move and think, ears to balance body and differentiate various sounds.


The senses, the mind and the Soul are all created with the wealth of forces present in the Cosmos.

Those who forget and make mischief in this world are the ones who cannot remember where they came from.

These types are too many in number at present on Earth because God has given all the animate and inanimate creatures to realize themselves and raise their consciousness to higher now.

Hence, there is mayhem, unrest, unhappiness, diseases and so many aberrations everywhere.


God is kind to deliver liberation to so many sinners, animate beings to become more conscious of their blissful Soul or Spirit.

God is allowing us to use the natural resources so disgracefully and blatantly so that our desires are fulfilled and we return to God quickly.

God is initiating frequent natural upheavals to overcome the backlog of millions who have plundered and sinned by violating laws of nature sometime in their immoral past.

God is nonetheless, quietly also saving animals, birds, people, treasures, other species and so many other things and hiding them secretly.


Regeneration is quietly going on, on a humungous level, refurbishing of long lost or eroded moral values are being revived.

Many are chosen, some are already on the job, many were already working since the past several centuries and were not known.

Those who will awake now will not go back to sleep and ignorance, such is this time as chosen by God.

Very little efforts will be rewarded profusely by God, and time will be the most precious commodity of all in this century and time span!


Augment of a New Era! – III

Two days back he opined to me-

“Nothing in this life is as important as one’s own inner development and spiritual harnessing.

Many lives have got wasted in remembering and doing actions which are of no use for Soul development.

You came here achieved trivia, did bungling of precious breath and did nothing worthwhile with your limbs.

Animals and humans should be set apart because animals do not have an advanced nervous system and adroit physical skills.


God made man to look after his manifestations and marvellous creations made with just five elements.

Man never realized the worth of so many things that God made for man for his own good and wholesome development.

As the eyes of all humans are closed and they do not see beyond their five senses and small mind’s interpretation.

There is a whole world of sensory perceptions which starts from developing the sixth sense called intuition.


God has made man with countless faculties and rare skills buried inside their own being.

Why will God tell you about them unless you are ready and prepared to receive them after passing all his examinations?

If you are true to God and not to the reflection of His; this temporary world will never be sincere to you.

God will then start showing you through his kindness and Grace the hidden secrets cloaked for centuries by you.


Some rare men have been able to access the cloaked secrets by maintaining silence of mind and heart.

For years and years, they have only concentrated on knowing that Truth about God which was kept at bay from them.

Their persistence, passion as well as patience was extraordinarily rewarded by God since they wished to know only Him.

Many knock the door but do not wait till God opens the door, God always wonders why couldn’t they wait?


God’s promises are always kept, but the people cannot wait, their faith shakes and legs ache.

They cannot walk further because they think it has got late, but they do not know that they have come so late.

They were wandering and wandering and drifting away, so much so that their memory is today dim and full of cobwebs.

Their number of years spent in delusion on Earth are far more than years spent in self awakening today.


If you begin today and never rest or give up your faith, you can still manage it by following the footsteps of the great ones.

Your path will be easier than theirs since God tested them way back and far more severely than you can even imagine.

You will not waste any time and not forego any important issues and matters because you will just be following their footsteps.

You cannot go wrong, you will not wonder if you are doing the right thing and or not wander in the unwanted lanes.


I tell these lines to you because I know how much enticement and confusion is laid as traps on your way back home.

You will never be able to even knock the door, leave alone walk in and rest in Father’s Home.

The delusion in you caused by your own power of imagination can cause you great sufferings since you do not know.

That a mirage is caused by your mind’s power of imagination which forbids you from returning at the gate of God’s abode.


Desires erupt out of your own chitta or sub conscious mind which lead to Trishna or great longing as we call it.

These desires divert your attention from your goal of reaching straight to God’s abode first.

This game of hide and seek is going on since the beginning and you do not even know.

Can you not now reverse the tendencies or inclinations called sanskaras in Sanskrit by doing daily meditations?


You should also do japa or repeated recital of holy names of saints or of various names of God.

And avail the great opportunity of doing satsanga and remain in holy company of God realized beings.

Sometimes visit holy places where the pious saints have performed great efforts to know God in full glory.

Acts of compassion, charity, austerity, forgiveness, caring, humility and other saatvik tendencies will change your past evil tendencies.


Prostration at the feet of holy saints and remembering them with a humble heart and asking for forgiveness in their resting place called Samadhi.

Will accelerate the cleaning process and you will do contemplation, repeat God’s name and quickly have God realization.

This human life is meant only for this noble purpose or else you shall again wander here and there and do just this or that.

Precious breath should be counted carefully and accounted for and never be wasted in careless counterproductive actions.”


I became very quiet and silent and humbled at the divine words coming as advice from Guru Maharaj Gorakh Nath in morning meditation.

To whom I am forever indebted and cannot repay in any way since his Samadhi and resting place is so cut off from all of us.

Sometimes repaying in monetary systems cures our mental and physical diseases and provides health and peace I know.

Our wealth is of no use unless we share some of it with those who are though not present physically but their existence is immortal.


Adhi, Vyadhi, Upadhi,* he uttered unexpectedly and restarted and picked up our silent, uninterrupted conversations once again.

I had read this in scriptures many years back and was taken aback, what is the context here and will I be able to do justice in my writing, I thought to myself.

“Are caused by your own actions, he said and create suffering in mental, physical, and emotional bodies respectively.

‘Taapatraya Vinaashaya’**- your Guru will destroy your three heat or sufferings and they are caused by none other than you.”


You all have been suffering maximum in mind which affects your emotions and cause trouble in your physical bodies.

So change your mind and become free from all suffering and remove all excessive worldly longings and prejudices.

Remove passions, anger, volition and lust for woman, money and power and greed for hoarding surplus money.

Harbouring jealousy for many lives and enhancing the flattering ego should be weeded out as quickly as is possible.


Devote maximum time in mentally anchoring the mind to God’s love, devotion and remembrance.

The Holy teachers and Masters will always guide you and give you the best solutions and remedies as gentle medicines.

Never forsake your Sadguru, for Brahma cannot be known without an intermediary and moderator.

Have patience, penalize your wrong tendencies and always recollect and excavate your good thoughts and sanskaras from the stockpile or antahakaran.###


Continue your sadhana, this is my blessing to you all, I will always come to you in the most hushed manner and will help you.

You will not know me or recognize me because I do not want to be known and will always work for God now and forever.

Rest of the work will be done by my daughter who has not faltered in her sadhana and can work for more than eight persons.

She is the purest of you all and can transmit your mental thoughts at the fastest speed, faster than light to us.


You are in safe hands and will always be supported by efforts of a cluster of ancient saints hiding from the glare of the world.

Today’s times are bad, miserable and obnoxious like never before and you shall be swept away in a rough tide.

Unless you hold hands with a steady and strong anchor who is your Mother and also our favourite.

Listen to her advice and go by her instructions since she is constantly under our vigilance and supervision.


Love your Gurus, follow their footsteps and always look up to them for revival and regeneration of self-development and the world together.

Your duty it is to look after yourself and the world you live in, God will be delighted with you if your work selflessly.

Come to me whenever you can, I shall always be there for you and I shall help you in your daily sadhana hardships.

My work is silent, my footsteps are hushed, my words nimble and my guidance and help comes as mere waves of gentle comforting.”


Foot notes-

*Adhi means- mental disease, vyadhi-physical disease and upadhi emotional disease.

**‘Taapatraya Vinaashaya’ Taap is heat, traya means three and vinaashaya means to destroy.

# Post of Face book- 3 of 12-What happens if you submit your mind at the feet of your Holy Master?

## Dharma, Satya, Yoga and Tapa these are the 4 pillars of this blog.

### antahakaran explained through the quote from  Mind, its mysteries and control in next post.

How to reach the Ultimate Goal of finding God in this life?

September 4, 2016

My dear revered readers and blog followers. As is apparent to you, the number of posts on WordPress are decreasing and the number of posts on Fb are regularly published since many weeks now.
Also from July 27th, just after the post of Guru Poornima day, there are frequent and serial posts of selected abstract, devotional songs of Kabir, Guru Gorakhnath and a few others apart from Shabad (shabd or words) of Guru Nanak on Fb. Many of you may be aware while the new readers may not be conscious about the development. So please spare some time to find out about them because all posts are interconnected, be they on Fb or WP. My suggestion is that you read them in a sequence. Once done, on a relaxed day read all of them one by one in order to know the inter connection and things shall fall in place for you. You will in this way make some resolutions also. (Kindly refer to my reply to Pulkit in the comment box too)

Since Guru Poornima Day on 19.07.16 I have not posted anything on Spiriitnlife blog. The reasons are two-more posts on Fb and some important jobs to accomplish on domestic front. Nonetheless, teaching from my side is going on irrespective of what the current scenario is.

Dear Rajeev, Farha and Midhun as well as so many of you. I feel totally compelled to speak to you on this occasion not through the comment box but via a complete post. Thank you so much for taking out time for yourself and staying in touch with me irrespective of whether I replied to you or not.

Before I write more, let me address one issue.  It has come to my notice that the readership of this blog has spiked like never before. I would like to believe that there are many new readers mainly from India and that too from New Delhi, U.P and Haryana and as expected some time ago, the ripple effect has started. There could be some other reason also for the rapid increase in the stats of the blog,some commercial site must be using the blog for some reason.This new development will be thwarted and tackled soon. It was anticipated some months back and there is no element of surprise.

However, as the readers get more in number, I would like to inform you that no where will you find such exquisite spiritual matter to study and read and follow it in your life with so much ease. So it is my humble request that you may please inform me about yourself so that I can monitor your progress and development. Even Fb posts are very important as both the platforms are interlinked, be it WordPress or Fb. All the posts are guiding by the sacred Gurus and Avatars, nothing is mine.

You need to focus more on your own self and seek help and guidance. Merely reading the posts won’t take you too far. You may write to me on and get started to complete your goal in quickest time.

There has been a surge of readers and visitors since I returned from Sri Lanka pilgrimage in March this year and more so after the first two audios were implanted to furnish information about the workings of behind this blog. In Part B of post-


you shall find the audios about my talk in Katargama and Pune Workshop respectively. New readers may take help from these audios and get connected with me through mail and also with the rest of us through Workshops at a later stage.

The increased traffic on the blog has brought many followers and devotees of Shri Mahavatar Babaji on the surface. A few persons informed me but have not been consistent after that. However, kindly note that a lot of personal attention, familiarity and grooming is required by the Master for you to advance further without which you shall not be able to go into depths of your mind. Many unknown, hidden secrets are to be cracked before you really master yourself completely. Firstly, subjugating the mind and then harnessing it thoroughly is a prerequisite to know the Self and getting over the impact of innumerable prior actions of uncountable lives. This is no mean task.

The message of the Holy Gurus at this juncture is-Raise your consciousness, Raise your consciousness, Raise your consciousness!

What is my method of imparting spiritual knowledge and how will you become a worthy recipient or receiver under my tutelage?

First of all, you must have sufficient allowance or balance of very good or good deeds accumulated over many lives with you.
Distance does not matter. In this Universe, there are three powerful powers or shaktis that humans are endowed with and are not aware of unfortunately. My blog speaks of that in great deal and it will constantly resonate about them even now. They are Ichcha Shakti,
Sankalpa Shakti and Kriya Shakti- the power to will, think and act. I am resorting to these unseen yet tangible powers and not using the physical domain or physical world by meeting, talking or seeing you.

How is this possible and what should you do?

I have received all my spiritual knowledge and enlightenment without ever meeting my revered Gurus. I only put my whole mind into getting inside the higher realms by connecting my mind with theirs in acute silence and receiving their directed or beaming mental thoughts in the ether with full consciousness. There are many posts on thought power on WP as well as Fb. One example-Part A of same post-

Kindly go back to them. Swami Kartikeyan and Swami  Shivanandji are paramount powers and experts on this subject, please acknowledge their presence in your life to get initiated.

In a quiet mental state of mine, I can visualize you and through mind power, it is possible to know, read and decipher your floating vibrations. This is Sankalpa Shakti. The power of your thoughts will determine how fast you will progress so learn and practice calmness and meditate more and get into deeper realms of your own being as well as the world of the Divine where we all are connected and are one.
Many devices may be connected to one router; similarly, many seekers can connect to the Universal Mind of the Holy Masters. I receive Light and Energy constantly from God and my Holy Masters. There is no dearth of the all pervading, all powerful Energy prevalent all the time any where. You may also join this inter and intra-connection and networking if you are to quieten your mind and try being very still even for a short while whenever possible.

The seeker or aspirant’s own will power and ichcha shakti is most essential. If your mind is connected to mine or the other Gurus, you shall constantly be nourished and you will find a tangible progress in your spiritual domain and your consciousness will rise. In earlier days in the midst of a serene, quiet atmosphere in nature., the Guru and shishya were able to connect consistently via this method and not through mere direct interaction  It is possible in modern, urban setting also if you may be able to be more and more peaceful and become powerful by using your own hidden powers of mind.

Moreover, if you have understood this method and wish to apply it in your life, then the power to act and pursue will be enacted upon. That is Kriya Shakti or the power to act or perform or sustain yourself till you reach your goal. Kriya Shakti can be mental also- thinking, absorbing, analyzing, reasoning, determining and concluding and resolving are all mental powers. A good seeker will obviously enhance them and then also act accordingly to achieve the perfect goals to become Perfect. The power is enhanced with the grace of the Gurus if the seeker is a genuine one……

Please Note- Today there is a simultaneous post on Fb also along with this one-How to connect your mind while doing your daily duties with the Universal Mind of your Holy Master? They both are inter connected and you must deal with it as if it is a continuing post although mediums are different. Thanks.

My loving tribute to my holy Master Shri Mahavatar Babaji on Guru Poornima, 19.07.16

July 19, 2016


This post is a very spontaneous one. I wish to use minimum words, words I have resorted to many before; today but it is my heart that weeps since words are not many in my heart now and they seem to be disturbing my inner peace where I have installed him and worship him in that sacred altar without fail each single night or day!

Kanha, Gopala, Hey Govind, Hey Gopal, Hey Kripa nidhan.

I have worshipped you like this many lives earlier but this time you wish that I tell the world that there is such a beautiful, sacred bond between us that we now do not need to see each other’s face because our love has outgrown the terrestrial limitations.

Such divinity I feel for you that nothing has remained now but only divine love and peace and gratitude for which I shall always be grateful till eternity.

Words fail to emerge, yet I will do my duty today to disperse your glory and sanctity in the world. My heart softens and weeps because you are so selfless, sacred and holy and have made me so much like you- simple, holy and so, so very peaceful………

Dear all, on this auspicious day of Guru Poornima, I pay my humble tribute to my most revered Holy Master Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the great Himalayan yogi,  without whose grace this blog, so full of brilliant divine light would never have been made for us. It is a great co-incidence that my extempore talk on 8th Blog Anniversary in Pune Workshop on 20th May 2016 is very valid today on this auspicious day. I had to introduce myself to the new guests and also my blog. I slowly took them step by step and it was recorded without any prior motivation. It is about my story, my journey with Shri Mahavatar Babaji so far  and I explained the guests how Shri Mahavatar Babaji made me do my sadhana and made me ready to write these blog posts since so many years.

You will find many useful information maybe in the next sequel post as to-what is in this blog and how to read this blog after hearing this extempore talk on guru shishya  parampara, the ancient tradition of teacher disciple relationship and will realize how sacred this holy bond is…..

Hari Om Tat Sat! Hari Om Tat Sat! Hari Om Tat Sat!

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Resurgence and regeneration in Katargama; Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka-III

May 20, 2016

Today is a very special day for us. 20th May is the eighth anniversary of Spiritinlife weblog.

This is a delicate post, it is extremely detailed and extended too. It is regarding the immense thought and mind powers the ancient Indian sages possessed and how we can also acquire them to a great degree by syncing our mind with their will or intent by developing our intuition power through silencing and calming our minds by meditating regularly. Your immense patience, sufficient time and one pointed attention is a compulsory requirement for getting to the core of  this exclusive post.

One humble request to you-kindly send no responses on email or short messages on phone regarding this post and other upcoming ones on the blog henceforth.

All the comments, questions & answers and inquiries should be made on the blog post itself. They should be discussed and explained in abundant length many times until you are assured of the content’s thorough incorporation. Thanks.

Part A


This landmark blog-post has at last arrived. It was very much awaited and has taken immense perseverance, time and energy and has filled me up with both- great upsurges and gentle gushes of joy, thrill and many surprises as it was taking too long to be approved and validated by revered Shri Bogarnatharji and other celestial sages, our revered Masters. I have worked on this exceptional post untiringly for several days and was pondering where it will go or turn after all. Initially, there were just 3 parts in it-A, B and C. However, on 13th May I was absolutely still in my demeanour and was reading the page of ‘In search of Ultimate Peace-III’ very intently after which deep calmness and quietness of the afternoon pushed me into extremely fascinating conversation with Shri Bogarnatharji.

I could comprehend  what he spoke to me  on that today is without any doubt an extension of our exchange of words which took place two years back and are documented in the same post. It was his wish that I make a fourth division of this marathon post and place on record our conversation of 13.05.16 afternoon even if the number of words exceed 12,000 plus! Hence this post has 4 parts-A,B,C and D now; the last section has my chronicled excessively useful, direct telepathic conversation between him and me. Therefore, it is mandatory for all of you to read the above said post.

Part A as you can see is the preface without which your traversing on this long track would be confusing and self-defeating. A start up and preface will take you gently in the flow and depth of this exclusive post.

This blog post is altered and unlike others. Today is the first time I am adding audios on the blog. They come in Part B. Prior to that, I had put up a few videos made out from the blogpost’s paragraphs. A change in the pattern of presentation was essentially waiting to take place any time since there are so many posts and so much has to be read by the readers. I am sure this new addition with audios in the post, which is last in series about the pilgrimage undertaken to Sri Lanka by us of late, will help you to enhance your absorption and understanding abilities of its grave content and wideness of subject. Many of previous posts are linked and if connected well with each other by you, it will definitely give you the most wonderful results.

This post was not premeditated; adding audios on the blog was very spontaneous. Audio recording was done on a trial basis.  For the first time I allowed my lectures to be recorded for a few people on this pilgrimage. However, as I began to speak there, the amplified dynamic spiritual vibrations prevailing in the place influenced me and I felt a powerful current overpowering my perennial self-restrain. The up welling of our gentle synergy goaded me to share my indwelling, dormant spiritual knowledge full of powerful eternal principles, codes and philosophies with the audience. The restrain seemed too frail to win then. Instant surrender was the call of the hour and I took it as my devotion and small offering to the Divine.

There have been very few posts in recent times; this post will make up for the vacuum. Out of the 4 parts, Part C is the background and my commentary which will help you to navigate easily and connect to the elaborate explanation which this post requires. This post was created to listen to the audios but without my commentary and references and lengthy explanations, the objective would not have been met.

Here I would like to recall what Swami Kartikeyan had told me some time back in my late night meditation.

In Divine Moments with Swami Kartikeyan – III

“My graceful and supple times with none other than His Holiness Shri Swami Kartikeyan Swami on this fateful day was a true blessing. My lifelong urge and keen interest in understanding the covert, underlying unlimited powers of our dynamic and untapped thoughts were brought to the fore and expounded in great depth with perfect acumen by revered Swamiji. My unflagging craving to learn more from these celestial Masters was partially satiated and appeased in my meditation on 18.02.15 morning and thereafter in the approaching days too, when he was overly gracious to teach me these following mysterious, unapproachable and unknown facts and principles of thought power. And it was on this promising day that for the first time he disclosed to me so kindly something personal about himself; it was about his undisclosed personality and special qualities that he is still retaining till this day. He revealed to me what his area of specialty was. He had perfected all the hidden and unknown power of thoughts with the kind grace of omnipresent God! He has infinitely powerful thoughts in his individual presence and he calls this quality-Sankalpa Shakti, the power of materializing one’s thoughts.”

Swami Kartikeyan and Swami Shivanandji who are constantly in alignment in mentoring and tutoring me day and night are quite similar in some ways as per my constant mental association and my own obervation of them. They both have mastered the subject of mind control. Therefore, it does not come as any surprise that as we were going towards Katargama in the bus, the same subject cropped up naturally. When the gentle divine energies of the place overpowered me in the bus to make me let go of my perennial restrain, I quickly gave in since I knew that Swami Kartikeyan and Swami Shivanandji are in unison and they want me to explain in detail about the nature of our mind-the makeup and structure of our mind, its modus operandi and characteristics which were well researched long time back and the holy ancient scriptures backed me up.

Relevant quotes again from Swami Shivananda’s book- Thought Power to explain further.

20160516_124534 (1)





Part B

3 Audios –

1.Explanations in Bus

2.Talk in the morning at the temple

3.Morning talks on the hotel room patio

Click button below to download all audios



Part C


During the Bangalore Workshop that I held in December of 2015, I had reiterated several times to the participants mainly to Paripurna, a few very pertinent points to follow. It was–Do not allow your mind to scatter; be in control of it. Keep your mind always in tune with the Universal Mind of the Guru. If it scatters, bring it back to its center and take it inwards.

I remembered about this given specified advice. In Sri Lanka, I ensured to reinforce it several times until the learners thoroughly understood the fact that the mind really wanders.

On 10th March 2016, we were on our journey between Colombo and Katargama in a bus. I explained a few paragraphs on mind and thought power from a book “Lord Shanmukha and His worship” by Swami Shivanandji brought by one of us. We also had a few posts on thought power on Facebook in the month of Dec 2015; it was titled ‘Rishikesh trip’, dated 15th Dec’15. I elaborated on that further during the journey.

I had expressed and commented that-

  • Our mind is a vibration in the Cosmos.
  • The mind is made of Consciousness of Spirit, it is a part of God.
  • The mind is fluid, which means it does not stay and station in one place. Like wind, it moves from one place to another.
  • Mind is nothing in itself. It demands and needs a substratum, a support on which it can rest and thrive on. The support or feed it takes from are our thoughts of sansara or world. Atma is thoughtless.
  • The sansara or the world is reflected in us because of our own ego and desires.
  • The mind has the power to delude us. Delusion is caused by ego and desires which perceive the transitory world in different manners.
  • Senses delude us, desires delude us and our ego deludes us.

To my satisfaction, Paripurna remembered everything what I had explained to him in Bangalore and like a good disciple, he asked me the next obvious question in Katargama temple on 10th March-“Ma, how to always stay merged with the mind of the Guru?”

I nodded and gestured to kindly wait since such delicate and complicated topics of discussion cannot be discovered and explained in a dash and haste by anyone. I therefore, availed the next most appropriate opportunity, the morning of 11th March and continued from that point. My lecture on that question is recorded in the audio with the title ‘Morning talks on the hotel room patio’. It is mostly in Hindi. For the convenience of all the readers of other countries, Part C has been made to reproduce that important portion in English to facilitate access to the Hindi version.

Translation from Hindi to English of the audios of 11th March 2016, 7:00 a.m. lecture

Me-“Nazma, what did you pick up my child?”

She looked at me as if she wanted to only absorb the whole atmosphere, listen, and felt no need to speak something.

Me -“Okay take your time.”

Me -“Arun?”

Arun -“We have to be very careful in terms of ego. Until you reach God, you should not get any type of egoistic thoughts, you should be very careful. That is the main pickup.”

Me -“I’ll elaborate on this, first you all say then I’ll elaborate more, you should know more about it.”

Me – “Paripurna, what did you pick up last night?”

Paripurna -“So many things Ma. We started and talked about mann, the mind, and its behaviour. And that it is a tarang, wave, vibration, It’s a part of the Lord only, Eeshwar ka hi ansh hai. It needs some aadhar, support, and we should consciously bring the mind towards where we want, inwards. One thing is, dispassion we have to bring in our life. It (mind) keeps going out, but bring it back, bring it back.”

Me -“Arun, there is an answer for you inside.”

Paripurna -“That’s how you will be connected with your Guru. There were many questions, but you explained about everyone, different improvements each one of us need to make. Also, you have made us cautious, we should be careful of our egoistic mind which will keep coming back. So, we have to be alert. Our journey has just begun, we are just a small child in this path.”

Me -“How much protection that tree has got? (Referring to the sapling of  banyan tree near Babaji’s temple)

((With God’s miraculous wish, finally one Banyan Tree has survived which I had asked the trustee to grow on my behalf in 2013 so that I can document the history of Shri Mahavatar Babaji for posterity sake on the very spot where he had meditated relentlessly and that tree was cut by that faltering woodcutter. Refer last post please

We are all saplings, anybody can rout us, and anybody can eat us up, any kind of Maya. What we recite in Durga Saptashati – Dakini shakini… that dakini shakini (negative forces, the demonic entities) are inside us. Our own negative qualities can destroy us.

See, when I met you in Bangalore I found out exactly what your state of mind is and then I corrected you and you’ve taken it very well. And this is how we should all take (criticism). If I correct you take it with a pinch of salt, don’t feel uncomfortable about it. Unless I correct you, you won’t know. When I am saying that the jeevatma (individual soul) sleeps a lot, what sleeps? Why do we sleep? Because our vikars (negative deeds from past) are so many and we are living with those vikars,  shortcomings and we are not changing. Now suppose that I am wearing a small locket in my chain, and it slides and falls at the back of my neck during sleep, and in the morning when I wake up I start searching for it. I for a moment am afraid that I have lost my locket, but it is right here. It has only slipped and gone behind and I feel that I have lost my locket. This supposition and assumption can be used for our own Atma or Self also.

There are two ways to explain this: Our Atman is always with us, but we cannot see it, it is like “gone behind” (hidden from sight). Other is that our vikars shortcomings are always with us, but we cannot see, because we do not have the eyes to see.

If you allow your mind to scatter, it is very dangerous. If a small child is with us, we will not allow the child to play all over except within a boundary since it is safe. So that mother can keep an eye on the child.

Why does the mother say, “Mere aankh ke niche raho” (be within my sight)? Because, the child may fall, there are many kind of dangers around a small child. And remember, we maybe aging in our bodies, but we are new babies, saplings in Souls. This is actually the first time that you’re getting seriously into the business of self-development, you will not come to know anything. You all were so raw, unfinished or unpolished. Whoever comes to me is unpolished. I am hinting at in not only etiquette and manners regarding Guru, but also otherwise.

We are very smart and clever in Maya, in this world but this subject is entirely different. You may be a total success there (in worldly things), whoever comes is a total failure here (in spirituality). Because, this subject they have never pursued. It is like chiseling, like Kabir-ji’s doha, couplet which goes something like this “niche support diya hai, aur upar se marta hai”. (Like how a potter, supports a pot from below while simultaneously beating it from the top  to make it strong). Similarly, what does a Guru do? Guru supports from below and hits from the top to chisel out the errors. If the pot is not supported from below it will break from the beatings on the top.

However, the work on you has begun now. You all have begun together yet slowly you will see you all are on different paths you are not together as everyone’s pace, background, grasping power is different.

Morning is the best time to introspect. Never allow your mind to scatter. Point number one. Bring it back. This is  vairagya (dispassion). Wherever you feel you are unnecessarily thinking about something, remove your mind from there. Of course, you will think, decide, but once done, keep it aside. Or we talk a lot, or know a lot of what is happening around us- knowing too many details about too many people, family politics, etc. Keep away from this, it is for the world let others manage this, you stay away from all this.”

The previous day I had brought some points into focus for Rashmi regarding her areas of improvements. It was about mind control. She also participated in this meeting and said,

Rashmi-“After you mentioned about being introverted yesterday, I thought about that before going to sleep. First, when we went to Pondicherry, you removed my errors. After that, sometimes there used to be ups and downs in the stability of my mind. Since yesterday, after you mentioned this it feels as if I have had a new birth and I will try as much as possible to keep my mind steady and practice introspection.”

Me-“The meaning of making your senses introverted is that our eyes look outwards; if anybody had heard yesterday, I had explained Paripurna while we were walking that we have five senses. What is the body? Kabirji has called it a cage, and what is the description of this cage? That it has five gates. Gates means senses. When we leave our body at death, our life force, according to our consciousness leaves from one of these five senses. For an ordinary person the highest possible level is from the eyes. Only for a yogi does it leave from the Brahmarandra (hole in the tip of crown chakra).

So, these are known as the five gates. Now you do your own homework to figure out what this is. I have told you what homework I did years ago, now you study about this subject, what are these five senses, what is their true use, purpose? God has informed us that these are gateways of knowledge. If you did not have eyes, would you be able to see?

There are five sense, one mind, and above the mind is the intellect. Shivanandji’s books are pure Vedantic. You will find it difficult. Take this basic foundation from me and understand it and then build-up further on that. You all have begun together yet slowly you will see you all are on different paths you are not together as everyone’s pace, background, grasping power is different.

When you will have the background you will be able to understand well. Everywhere including the Gita mentions this, because the fact is the same, fact is God has made us like this. And this is only written within the Indian scriptures nowhere else would you find this. Thus, for self-knowing (self-realization) nothing is better than Indian scriptures. Use these scriptures. It is not necessary that you know everything from such big books, but whatever you require for now,you extract that from these books. Books are a complete journey of the author- saint, what would you do with the whole journey right now? Extract the related information.

First the five senses, above these is the mind; the mind is superseded by the intellect. Above the intellect is the Soul. Soul is said to be the emperor, but if the souls sleeps, if the emperor sleeps then the empire will be in disarray. Since right now no one has the power of the guidance of the soul, so we are walking on the guidance of the mind. And if the mind has lost its way you are asleep, so don’t let the mind scatter. Go into the world to a certain extent but then come back and pull it back together quickly. Suppose, if I use my room it gets untidy. I should tidy it up quickly and not leave it for long or else it will become too much. Disseminate the mind a little, pull it back a little. Go into the world for a couple of steps, you will need to go, and you should go. And when you do go, give your 100%, as if this is the only reality, but outwardly, not from within. Don’t hand over your mind’s bridles to the world. How we bind an animal with a rope to a pole, how much can it wander? Similarly, subject your mind to tight bridle giving it little room to move around and then bring it back.

Keep the mind bound by the rope. (Pointing to someone) Like you have been active with YSS, and you have been instructed to meditate twice. Then do as told that is the rope of your mind. Nevertheless, it is not necessary that you all go to YSS and do the same thing, you can do this on your own accord. You create your own routine that you will take care of the mind twice a day. Once in the morning what and how do you want to do the things of the day? Ask how will I handle my day? We can anticipate this is going to happen, this could be the issue in the office. In this way the mind will be ready for the day. Of course, we don’t know exactly what will occur but we are at least mentally prepared. By this way, the mind will be in your control. Complete your worldly affairs but with care and control.

Then, when you return home in the evening take care of the mind again, close the day in a good manner. Help your mind understand for five to ten minutes. The mind is very well-behaved in the morning, like how it is at peace now. It is anyway going to be peaceful here; it is not going to wander even if you wish it to be so. Wherever our maya is, where our life is set, at that place the mind will play havoc. Practical tip for a saadhak (seeker):- At night, shake off the dirt from the mind. Before going to sleep do the accounting of your mind for sure. If something wrong has been done, be aware make sure you correct it. “I have made a mistake, so how can I correct this”, but no need to cry over it, be aware. Calamity has not struck! If error has happened, no problem, doesn’t matter. But correct it; at least for the next time you are prepared. You need to pull the mind in at night.

Thus, what will happen is that after days of such a practice the mind will not like to wander outwards and scatter itself. It will have practice. You will not need to keep telling a child not to go beyond a certain spot, the child will on its own go up to a safe distance and come back. Similarly, slowly collect all the maya of your mind that has been scattered around.

You should not take excessive pleasures out of the senses. Supposing we are looking at something with a lot of concentration, we are actually not judging it, we are consuming through our senses. We are giving our mind the permission to enjoy the pleasures of the object we are beholding. For example, a teenager is watching a young girl not knowing that all are observing him. What is the teenager doing, he is enjoying some sort of his own created maya and deriving pleasure from his own senses and not the girl. The girl is just a support for his mind to wander. Now I am getting very proper, exact, because unless you do not elevate yourself a little, you will not understand Shivanandaji’s books. The wise and the scholarly advise us to view the world with dispassion, so view it with detachment. If we look at or observe someone’s big house or car very intensely, then we are in reality taking pleasure from it through our desires.

There was a discussion yesterday, how we ended up taking so many births, and where does this complexity (of karma) arise? It occurs like this:-

At some point in some birth, a single wrong step might have been taken by us and that is all it takes. If a child has left the house or is lost then he or she is gone, now it is indefinite where he is. This is how our mind’s own illusion is created. Suppose, instead of turning left, we were to take a right on route to Katargama, then it would take a lot of time to come back on the correct route even though it might be the slightest variation, but it makes a huge difference and impact. Keep the mind in control by bringing it back to good thoughts and by remembering good talks heeded.

(The remedies were also given)

Now, we will bring about a few new changes in our practices. We will now do jaap (mantra chanting). I don’t expect to give deeksha (initiation) to you. Nowadays your Spirit is waking up it will tell you everything. If a thought comes to me for someone specific, I shall let you know. Choose any beads, rudraksh or sphatik crystal beads. If someone is new to chanting they can use the beads, if someone has very good practice, chant without the beads. The sound of the mantra will work at the deep levels of your mind. It will have an effect like acid, if something is really dirty we use acid while soap is ineffective.

If by cleaning something from the surface cannot be achieved then the problem is deep within. Similarly, our problems, although visible on the surface are actually in the deepest layers of our mind. For example, if I have trouble with my tummy and normal daily medication does not help it means the problem is something else, it is deeper than I can think. We have to go the root of the problem, for us the root or source of the problem is that our consciousness which is filled with ignorance. We have to remove that. You were asking me what to do. Now you can do your jaap chanting mentally. Every day you can’t be very serious about your meditation, sometimes the mind doesn’t even get hooked. Just do your Jaap. Listen to any bhajans, devotional music, sit properly and listen to those bhajans so attentively that they get imprinted in your mind. So, what would happen is, when you are driving your car you are actually singing that bhajan (devotional song). By doing this any obstacles or hindrances of the mind will be removed. The mind will be fixed for some time.

This is how we were getting involved (in the world of maya), all the time dealing with worldly things, these have left an impact, imprint within us. Then again, now we are staying outside the world and reducing the leftover impact. We sit here but our mind is thinking of something far away, bring it back. We look at someone and think “They have this, when will I get the same thing”. This is all maya, trap, don’t do that; don’t allow the mind to fritter so much. So by doing this practice slowly and steadily the internal cleaning will take place. I have told you, there are multiple layers within us. As more and more of these layers are removed then more of God’s Light will increase within you, that much more your consciousness will awaken. This is the method of awakening your consciousness- mind control and cleansing.

Now onwards we have many things to practice. Pranav (Om), when we get up in the morning we will very softly chant Om five to seven times. I haven’t devised any plans for this yet but we shall chant Om after this talk. Shivanandaji has also instructed you to do this, first chant the mantras, and meditate on Om, and then recite Om softly. I have also read the same information in some of his books.

In the beginning we all have or had lots of things to settle; our own selves, our families and all. Accordingly, first we settle everything, the externals. Now after settling everything or at least the mind is settled well now you do your sadhana (practice of discipline)”

Paripurna – “So Maa, if we have so many past karmas and desires by doing this jaap and seeing it (world) with dispassion, it will go away?

Me-“It will go easily, because these mantras were created during the meditation of the Rishis (sages) when they touched upon some very high frequencies of sound waves. Mantra like “Mahamritunjaya Mantra”, is very powerful. You can chant Gayatri Mantra as well.

Chaya – “May women also chant Gayatri mantra?

Me-“Of course, of course! The most powerful mantra is Gayatri mantra. The frequency of this mantra is very beneficial. And if someone is really interested and want to do things faster try chanting using sphatik crystal rosary and observe the impact.

Kiran – “SphatikJaap on sphatik?”

Me-“You know what sphatik is? That white crystal people also call it reiki stone, but it is not. It is a crystal. In fact it is like a prism. It has got good amount of light inside and secondly its frequency is very high. Do one bead, one mantra. So, if there are 108 beads, you will recite Gayatri mantra 108 (times), you’ll at least do one round of 108 beads. Chanting is absorbing. It will also help you meditate and as your practice increases, you won’t be able to even complete 108 beads before you fall into meditation. This is a very good method or instrument to keep the mind concentrated.

Gayatri mantra is very powerful and second is Mahamrutunjaya Mantra. Mahamrutunjaya is chanted for a different reason, to realize our immortality. It is designed to help us get the fruit from the immortal tree. While Gayatri mantra is for illumination even if you do these two mantras, it is enough. And, if you ever need to make the mind peaceful there is a simple mantra – “Ram Ram Jai Shri Ram”. You can even listen to or internally chant “Ram Ram Jai Shri Ram” while working if you do not want the mind to wander. There are infinite mantras linked to Krishna. Anyway, all these mantras and chanting will have a deep effect on the interior mind level.

This will remove our ignorance. What is our ignorance? Ignorance means, unknowingly we have either tapped into or initiated lower or low class energies and ignited them. These energies are sthool – gross. These things (ignorance in our mind) can never be seen under a microscope, but can be seen with divine sight. If one touches something which is full of dirt some of it will also rub off to the person who is touching it. Conversely, what is God’s Law and what are we doing?

We are living our lives on ‘auto-pilot’; we are running our own lives.  Because our mind desires very low level things thus we tap into very low level energies. Now the corresponding impact on our body is believe me, it is literally like you keep records for buying or selling items on a computer. We account for our own deeds.

What has God implemented in this auto-generating system? If you do something negative or positive, both are registered. Congruently, small dirt like specks get deposited on your mind near your heart and correspondingly another dot inside the spine if you have done a negative action and white dots if you gave done something positive. The registering of white or black dots are not visible to normal eyes but an accomplished seeker can see with paranormal eyes if God wishes. (Refer –The Process of Liberation ). This is accounting of God. Therefore, in this way the impact of our millions of actions done in all our lives is imprinted on us in our body and mann, mind. In addition, the weight of negative. However, you enjoy your sleep and feel light here. If your dirt is getting cleared in this place, of course you will feel lighter! As you are in good company you are feeling restored. If we have a gathering at home, then it is very difficult to talk with 15 people constantly. Such a good chemistry (synchronization of minds) does not happen. As there are energies depending on what is on the mind, dirt or light with sparks, it is perceptible. These energies get dissipated and rub-off to people around. Sometimes when you are sitting with someone then you complain that you have a headache or are not feeling too good. What is this heaviness?  It is the heaviness of the weight of his shadowy aura composed of waves coming out of these murky deposits.

I am explaining what we are. We (Gurus) are telling you now what the impact of mantras is. They help us to clear these dust particles. These mantras are of extremely high frequency. For example, there are many realms above and beyond Earth. In the scriptures only seven realms or seven chakras (energy centres) are disclosed, but there are many, many more than seven ***(For information more details and explanation given at a later stage below) As God did not want this disclosed to humanity, it was not disclosed but there are many. Anyway, an ordinary person is not even able to reach the seventh level and earlier humans were not able to read that much, so there was no point in describing beyond seven levels. Hence, God did not ever allow the Rishis to mention about the extending and prolongated stages of consciousness beyond level seven in the inspired and God-guided holy scriptures. You don’t realize neither would you ever be able to imagine the height of realms of our Gurus and Rishis, the excessively illuminated sages. Therefore, when some in the past touched very high frequency, then God instructed that Rishi to use certain sounds and syllables. These sounds and syllables form the mantras and tap into those higher frequencies. These frequencies wash the dirt from our mind near the heart and cleans the spine. This is the use of mantra and jaap.

Chaya-“Should we do the chanting loudly or internally?”

Me-“What is comfortable to you?


Me-“Then do it internally. If someone is having great difficulty to chant internally so that person will say loudly. Some people chant very loudly in our surroundings and it is annoying. Why should we disturb others? In any case the softer the sound, the higher the frequency.

Kanchana-“Maa, this Gayatri mantra, though I know the Gayatri mantra, I don’t understand the meaning. I have read it a number of times but the meaning does not register into my heart, into my mind. So because of that, even when I recite it after 5-6 times the mind just runs away, just wanders. But something simple like, Om Guru or Om Namaha Shivaya, then that is simple, even when working I am always chanting.”

Me-“That bhajan (devotional song) you sang in the bus, “Om Narayana Om”, repeat the same one. After some time, when you reach the stage of Gayatri mantra you can do the chanting of this mantra. Start with whatever you can, even “Ram Ram Jai Shri Ram” is also okay. Even a baby can chant “Ram Ram Jai Ram”, “Ram Ram Sita Ram”. It is simple. Why make very young children chant such long Gayatri mantra, even a child can chant “Ram Ram”. At least the child’s mind will be trained to repeat a mantra.”

Kiran-“Just a moment ago, you were saying because of our bad and good karma we have this dot like things on our heart and our spine. So does it happen when you do kriya (action) or the thought itself would imprint that?

(The question suggests whether we have to really do an action to reap negative results or even harbouring negative thoughts and intentions bring unfavourable consequences)

Me-“Both. But what is unknown to human is when (time) the seeds will become trees (seeds are karmas, actions and trees here signify the corresponding results of prior actions). That is the job of God. That we don’t know. We cannot control the consequences and the timing and the manner in which it will manifest. Only difference is like if you have become conscious – like you have become conscious now – then whatever is coming as a consequence good/bad together we take it well.  That is why we have good days, bad days, happy times, and unhappy times. These are actually those seeds, the seeds of our past. But if we become conscious of the presence of God in and around us, and we concentrate on God a lot and we aspire, then the negative consequences have lesser impact. While the good ones have a very high impact more than we can manage. The illustration is right here, means, whatever of your ignorance had to be washed is being done. Kartikeyan Swamiji said to me about all before we arrived here, “Oh my dear, too much ignorance, too much ignorance! Come to me, I will take care, I will remove it.” So, a lot of things which might have been or going to be negative in future have already been washed by his grace. We will never have done it otherwise on our own. Moreover, even if it is about to happen the consequences will be very light of the negative actions because you are generating the new good karmas of making the effort.

God is noting that this child is now becoming a better baby. The child is now understanding that he should not to leave the parents and go on the run. Hold Mother’s hand and witness the world – that is safe. So many times I have conversed with God and I’ve asked so many things to God. How do You get pleased? What is it in us that you like? What are you really inside? God is giving me such unique answers.

(I wonder how many could connect to which portions of my posts on FB I was referring to that day. God has spoken ample times to me and directed me to write my dialogues with him. They are to be found in posts-

What I think of your world today?

What lies inside me?

How does God perceive us? I & II

Who am I?

and several others)

Then, you feel actually God is nothing but compassion, God is love. How did you forget Me, I created you, He said. If supposing today you leave me, won’t I feel bad? I am your Mother, I have given you so much love, and you are leaving me and going away. Then, think what must God be feeling? How did you forget Me? No matter how good and tempting God’s maya is, it is not even a speck of dust in comparison to God! Someday, when you go there when you realize God, then you will understand how beautiful God is – without any thing, shape, movement or action – just being there. What a lovely Power it is! There is so much Peace! Then your own love for the whole universe will expand. Then you will feel, what did I do? Why did I forget God? Also, when we are about to die, when we see what we have done then we feel really sad – what is this temporary world we wonder. However, this dispassion does not last long, and in the next life we forget again. God is saddened by this, that our dispassion is still not steadfast. In each of our many births, we increase our understanding and in some birth the understanding becomes so enlarged that we will never do anything that would come between God and us. Then your dispassion is ripe. Ripe means that maya or illusion does not attract and overrule your mind.

(In the temple premises in the morning I was telling all about the kind of penance Shri Mahavatar Babaji did in Katargama forest. And the benefits of Kriya and how after doing Kriya continuously in the forest, Shri Mahavatar Babaji changed his entire body and mind irreversibly. He was initiated into various types of hard practices of Kriya given by Shri Shanmuga or Kartikeyan, Bogarnathar and Maharishi Agastya astrally from time to time during deep meditations. He is in the category or constellation of those sages who have already achieved timelessness and immortality by bringing about supernatural, super human abilities in their physical body and mind.

Those secret practices widens the mind to an extent that all the regenerated cells in the nervous system are used with more enlightenment day by day. Hence, other parts of the body come to rescue and become partners and supplements to store information. The yogis are secretive about this knowledge but since God’s will is prevalent today and Swami Kartikeyan asked me to disclose this to the world, I am becoming the first person ever to document this history.

The very ancient sages had also attained this great feat apart from Shri Mahavatar Babaji today and have been forgotten by the people in the dust of time and anonymity and nothing is known about them while unscrupulous people posing as saints and holy people are gaining undue recognition, fame, and popularity in modern world. The constellation of very ancient sages received unlimited access to the divine world with the help of their own unusual physical and mental feats. They did not deter and were persistent until God was so pleased and showered upon them Its own secrets which they hid within them.

I today feel extremely humble and gratified that God chose me to tell the world about His most beloved children who served and are still serving humanity without any desire of their own even without possessing a body. They find incessant peace and joy in mitigating the suffering of the world by helping them remove their darkness and ignorance embedded since centuries. Some have never returned to Earth after their last incarnation which was millions of years ago!

To all those most sacred and illumined Spirits of illumined Masters, I bow once again in all humility and reverence so that they always protect me from all the opposing forces and help me speak for them to the world. I seek their blessings, I seek their permission and I seek their allegiance so that I and they always work and serve the entire humanity forever. For the reason to restore, regenerate and re-order this world in a harmonious, silent, gentle and peaceful manner for the welfare, happiness, safety and prosperity of unending progenies to come on Earth and live here!

***Are there more than seven chakras?

Yes, there are.

So far traditionally, there are no reliable handwritten scriptures in any religion which say that human beings can ascend to such phenomenal spiritual heights. In ancient time, all the spiritual knowledge which was gained by the disciple was received either through direct transference in physical presence of a Master or in absence of a physical Guru, through telepathy and intuition by the disciple or seeker on his or her own. With the support of telepathy and highly developed intuition, all the wisdom of the unknown realms and hidden mystic knowledge can be accessed and attained by yogic practices if the seeker is extremely persistent and has a great will power.

As elucidated and clarified by Shri Mahavatar Babaji to me through telepathy in my own meditation about nine years ago in 2004, He had said-

“There is life beyond Moksha. In fact, for an accomplished yogi, life begins after Moksha or attainment of enlightenment. However, that is a very hard life since there is no rest. It is a life of relentless service to the world out of pure devotion and love for God.

After Moksha, the accomplished and trained Master can further widen the disciple’s horizon of divine illumination to gain spiritual knowledge and enlightenment of three types- blazing, very blazing and intensely blazing knowledge which in Hindi is called Teevra, Prachand and Prabhutva Gyan respectively.

After the Crown Chakra opens up slowly and over many years at some stage culminates and blossoms fully by absorbing divine Light in all the nervous system cells, the incoming unrelenting new spiritual wisdom and enlightenment needs more space to implant itself. Further ascension of spiritual wisdom means there are realms beyond the normal known levels of spiritual consciousness (seven) and as the devotee and seeker climbs up further, the body adapts and creates new zones in the body to store the new found divine insight by storing the new data in those other parts of the body which is decided by God other than the nervous system. It is now purely only between the disciple and the merciful God and the Gurus!

Continuing our interaction again which took place in the patio…

Only mahayogis reach this stage, beyond seventh chakra. That is only after all the cells in our brain have been filled up. There are so many cells in the brain that an ordinary brain is not even using one-fourth of the cells. We have so many cells and with new life, divine life we can generate many more cells in our brain. I am only talking of the brain. When a very special soul reaches a very high stage, all the information or all the knowledge that God has given has to be stored somewhere, otherwise if I don’t have memory I will forget and do the same old thing. It is our smriti, our memory. That’s why I told you to read that book “The Brain” (by David Eagleman) How information or data is stored in every cell of a brain. And, that memory helps us to act again, based on that memory we are what we are. So, God’s new information, like we have information of either our own body or our own sansara (world), that’s all, whatever little we have achieved or done, the brain consists of that information. Supposing, we stop using this lower part of our brain, then the upper regions starts filling up with information. Now, this new knowledge you are getting from me is now being stored in everyone’s brain somewhere. So, as and as we proceed, it takes years of course many years, and this continuous process brings somebody, some special souls, if they continue doing those things which are required and sort of go on and on walking in the garden of paradise, God’s paradise. There comes a point where the cells are full, so we are made to do those special actions which will help us regenerate some more cells.

Actually, what you are saying has many layers to what you are saying. I was describing in great length, what Babaji has explained to me. Because the kriya yogis lay so much – all the yogis, especially the Kundalini jaagran (awakening) people and all – lay infinite importance on the spine – Meru Danda. Shastras are filled up with this. So, Babaji explained to me. I asked why it is so important, no one talks about the spine. Therefore, Babaji explained to me this whole process of karma really. The complete science of Karma. And, so many times I have seen it happening inside my body and also other people’s body. I wish to explain something more though it make look like I’m detouring – the problem is we cannot see. Something that melts, finishes, or dissolves, literally it is like chemical reaction, but it is on such sukshma sthar (subtle level) that we cannot see, feel, or even imagine.

Babaji’s methodology is to clean up your spines and He is not letting us do Kriya (ancient method of cleaning spines). He has devised another parallel method – go to tirtha (pilgrimages), study the blog – because Their energies are in the blog, it is a very fast process. What Yoganandaji did 50-80 years back, we are doing a similar thing but in a different manner. God has devised another method – another way to go there.

(Dear readers, for easy correlation kindly know what Swami Shivanandji had told me some time back)

“Students came from far and wide and would try their best to become the suitable candidate for achieving the most precious vidya or knowledge called Brahma Vidya. To assist the process, yoga and pranayam were also practised and the students would do anything to please their masters and gurus so that they would qualify and complete their degrees and specialize in their subjects.

However, the situation is a contrast today. There is rapid urbanization and the villages are impoverished. The city life is very hectic and there are no forests or open spaces where people can breath fresh air. And because the population is dense, the air is laden with so many thoughts floating that the minds of people are not calm. There is a sea of thoughts that float in the air and tranquility deprived. Also, the greed and imitation of acquiring worldly wealth is phenomenal in Kaliyug thus preventing them to remain in a peaceful atmosphere. It will take a little more than ten thousand years for the Earth to recover its rapid erosion and the values of Eternal Dharma or Sanatan Dharma to return and bring back peace, harmony and tranquility globally.

In the primitive times, it was easy to practice Pranayam, kriya, sukshma dhyan or meditation on very subtle planes in placid environments. But today all this is not possible for the majority of people who live in cities, only few can avail the prospects of living in clean and quiet environment to attain their spiritual pursuits and undertakings.

Many saints and seers, including me in consultation with Shri Mahavatar Babaji more than ten years ago decided to innovate and we came up with an entirely new school of thought whereby maximum help could be provided to maximum people to hasten the kaal chakra or time wheel from Kaliyug to Satyayug. Seeing the number of wrongdoers posing as saints but who are frauds, profiteers, deceivers and betrayers rising everyday, it was arrived at a consensus after God’s approval to initiate a novel way of transmitting the ancient knowledge in today’s modern world. Technology and electronics would be used to transmit the given sacred knowledge from one person living on Earth who would acquire Brahma Vidya from us from the astral plane and through internet, home lessons would be distributed. Shri Mahavatar Babaji would be the chief associate who would decide what the context and content should be and how long the enterprise or initiative would continue. You were chosen by everybody to stay on the Earth and communicate with Shri Mahavatar Babaji who is living in seclusion in Himalayas and the saint community who is presently in a Spirit state in the various regions of the sky. Your blog is the platform and forum from where various activities are undertaken and an attempt to cover maximum candidates is achieved.”)

(Back to the process of karmic cleansing)

Subsequently, our spines are actually getting clean. One is the spine, the other simultaneous thing which is happening to us is our mind – mann, which I am saying there are layers, because God’s darshan (Vision) you are not going to have here (pointing to the brain) but here (pointing to the heart) first. The intellect does not receive God’s light or presence, it will happen in the heart. Because, God’s one ansh (fraction) is in us in the heart, near the heart literally. When you do your prayer you are supposed to touch your heart with your thumbs during Suryanamaskar (morning exercise of salutations to the Sun) – you are activating those energies.

So Babaji is doing a very phenomenal work- quietly, silently, with complete control over our lives and bodies but not known to people. Simultaneously, what is happening, your hriday (heart) is being washed, cleaned, and new light is going in. And the deposits in your spine are clearing. We had to anyway get rid of them; you would have gotten rid of in many years or lives. They (Gurus) are doing it now for us. Moreover, this physical, physiological process is happening you are understanding what I’m saying today. How could I tell you this when you came to meet me first? You had no basic foundation.

This is what the work is being done with you. So, if I speak the Truth to you. The Truth about God, Arun, you will understand what I am saying. The Truth of God has Power. I am speaking the Truth. It is having an effect on you all. That is the Power of Truth. That is why Babaji keeps instructing know the Truth, that is your Dharma (religion), that is your Karam (duty). Whoever knows the Truth, there is so much Light in their Truth that whoever sits with this enlightened person becomes illuminated! I am talking of Upanishad (Indian scripture). Now, what should you do about this? What method can be given? If you sit in the sun, you will feel the heat, right? Do you need to do any effort to feel warm? Similarly, in front of Truth and Light, darkness or ignorance cannot exist. Try and speak a lie in front of me, you will tremble, you won’t be able to. Because, this is not my Power, it is the Power of Truth.

That is the reason, why a yogi become fearless. Since the yogi is living with the Truth. If you think about this and connect this (fearlessness and Truth) with my personal life. I haven’t had the time to think, but I will probably do so. I have had a realization, what was that moment when I listened to the voice of my Spirit and went to another country?  This is a miracle! (I was referring to my very first visit to Katargama in 2009 at a time when I had no clue about the full significance of this place. I only had visions many times of the Bodhi tree that was calling me and I took the leap.  I knew Babaji had meditated in the same place but we did not get to visit his penance place. It was later in 2013 when I went again I got to know that there was a temple just behind the Bodhi tree and in my meditations in his place of penance Babaji revealed to me about the story of  the wood cutter who cut down his tree under which he used to meditate and practiced kriya.

And I was completely speechless, when I saw the Peepal tree next to Murugan Swamiji’s temple for the first time. This proves that it is the Truth. Babaji has always told me the Truth from the beginning. What He has said about me, that I will have a very good life and time ahead, or I would do something big for the world, I wouldn’t understand anything then and I would cry out of my own grief and diffidence. And now that I have discovered so much about this holy site, what could be a bigger task than to keep Babaji alive forever, that is my wish?

My wish is very different from other people’s wishes. That is why, I could never fit in any group – I was an odd shape. If you are a good seeker, you would ask direct questions and why would you waste your time. e.g. if I have money and I want to purchase a diamond, I would verify ten times whether the diamond is real. And, if I know how to recognize a diamond, I would say this is a fake. How would they have given me the Truth, when they themselves did not have it? Truth I got from Babaji.

And where did I get Truth from, never met or seen Him sitting so far? I only surrendered my mind to Him. Because in no way could I convince myself that Babaji was a small personality. Every bit about Him is so different, so unique!

He is even beyond my own boundaries of imagination. Somewhere, I had a gut feeling that He was a highly accomplished Yogi and I was always interested in finding one like Him.

It is also because now I understand, it is because I had so many lives with rishis. So, my consciousness had a desire for finding a yogi. I wanted that only. In any case, I had a desire to teach. Teaching job was left abruptly. Hence, God said I will give you a very big school, very nice school. And what is this gathering, it is a school! Today I feel what could have been better than this? So my consciousness always had something very faint and I wished to do some work like this and that fitted with Babaji and his vision.

I keep repeating my favourite story.  After knowing about Satyakaam and his story it had such a deep impact on me. I thought how did Satyakaam know Satya? Why was he named Satyakaam? He must be someone like me searching for a diamond. So God gave him that directly in the wilderness. Similarly, I was yearning so intensely for God from inside. Babaji who was sitting at a large distance decided to send me to Katargama. They knew that she will go since she is very strong willed, she is very determined. Now when I think of it, I wonder what a big thing has happened, so many people have come. So many have come following me. In addition, all these forecasts have come true. And I said yesterday about regeneration. This is God’s Will, this place has to be regenerated, because some part of it has degenerated. And God’s work will go on in spite of degeneration.

Were you asking me about ego? I was telling you about our mind and consciousness, how we store everything. Now I will expand it further how I had this impression and expectation of a yogi – Enlightened Yogi – which I found in Babaji. So, that expectation within me was due to the experiences of my past lives. It is not within everyone, right? Not everyone has understood Babaji as I have, right? As my lives were related to rishis and their work of spreading knowledge. They say if you have a very deep desire, ultimately it gets fulfilled. So, in the same way our layers also have our vikars (negative karmas) inside. And inside we also have ego. Or you can put it differently – our ego can cheat us. How can we be cheated by our ego? It will create a scene, it will create an image, and it will create a story. It will build up something, which will be so convincing to you and you will do it. This is how maya (illusion) comes to you. I am only telling you how to be careful, be cautioned.

Arun- “How does the ego constantly get the strength, Maa? You can put it down but it comes back, where is that strength coming from?”

Because when we take many births, in every life we also have many successes. We have our failures, we also have our successes. In some things we do succeed right? So, our agyan (ignorance) says yeh maine kiya hai (I have done this). This is how it gets fed, and we water it daily. That is one. Second, reason for our ahankar (ego) to get pushta (strong). The maya of other people, the agyan of other people is very infectious. We imbibe that. They’ll say, arre! You don’t have a gold chain, you are not wearing, it is necessary. Then you will say to yourself, see I don’t have a gold chain! This is planting of an idea.

Even if someone does not plant an idea, the thought waves floating in the air you are going to catch and imbibe them. Suppose, I go to a market place, where everyone is into a feverish state – oh my god, what a lovely dress! Let’s buy! Quick! Quick! So, if we are not careful, we have already absorbed that thought and it will translate into our action someday therefore be careful about your mind which wanders…

Part D

For a few minutes after reading the post-‘In search of Ultimate Peace-III on 13.05.16 afternoon, I was baffled. I went back in time. I instantly reviewed my endeavours and how it has taken unrelieved nights and days to obtain what the heavenly Masters have endowed me with, besides the manner in which how everything, including challenging life events so perfectly placed. Furthermore, to see how this whole re-designing was done with God’s will and theirs sankalpa too. I was brooding that day.

My mind pondered, after all why it takes humans to evolve so slowly in Spirit? I was referring to the seventh chakra’s building up after it begins to blossom as is apparent in my above-mentioned write up. In no time, as if revered Swamiji was waiting for this vital moment, he appeared before me and telepathically began to divulge so much more right away with much enthusiasm. The extreme peace and calmness that was pervading in the surrounding before I came to know of his presence, itself proved that he was around for quite some and was quietly guiding me to read the post very attentively and then he watched me putting up a question before him. He was anxiously waiting to tell me more on the same subject!

Swami Bogarnatharji- “You are now getting muddled because you have lived in the realms of highest truth and supreme divinity for a significant time period and deliberating why isn’t everyone living on the same plane?

Remember most people live on very low levels of consciousness. It is extremely difficult and rare to even touch upon the seventh chakra. It takes numerous births to even open the gates of the seventh chakra.

The seventh chakra is the small circumference that is about just an inch or so, it ends at the tiny hole at the top of the skull or head. There are small cells all around it, cells are very small in size, like the pearl like tiny teeth of the toddler or deeply entrenched petals of a cosmos flower. In this small circumference, you can roughly divide the cell area into 3 parts in ascending order and classification. The growth and opening of this part of the body is impossible to occur because the Brahmarandra as the name signifies, hole of Brahma or opening for God, begins to activate by only one method- arriving of rays of golden light inside of God in the hole of the crown. And the first ray of golden light hardly ever appears in people!”



Swami Bogarnatharji-“Because the first ray of Golden light cannot enter the hole of the Brahmarandra without the permission of God or will of God. Besides, God first prequalifies people.

Me-“What is the prequalification?”

Swami Bogarnatharji-“All the supposed saints of India and everywhere are fraud and fake, barring a few!”

I was taken aback and he was like a gush of river water not wanting to stop its force to act upon me.

Swami Bogarnatharji -“The so-called saints are all dangerously playing with the lives of people. Jealousy, greed, desires and other vices are so deeply embedded in humans till the end, they do not evaporate fully. Unless all the possible jealousy, greed, anger, hypocrisy is not eradicated, the will of God will not be initiated and the rays of golden Light from God will not touch the crown of the aspirant and his Crown will never open. If it does not open, he can never realize God!

I was understandably motionless and listening without any murmur or any sound at all inside the brain.

Me- “I am very thankful to you for telling me the real definition of a realized and enlightened human being. Now I can connect with what you are saying with what I have written in segment A of the blog and suddenly I can see a systematic connection and sequence in the way the blog has unfolded and picked up methodically. All the posts are very methodically placed one after another in an ascending order with your and other sages’ benevolence and guidance. I see an impeccable order now.

Swami Bogarnatharji -“You don’t like fakes, hypocrites, liars and people who hide facts and deceive you. You have always remained like this from the day you were born.

Me- “But I was affected by Maya, influenced by people, as Babaji has told me that whoever comes to live in this world gets contaminated by Maya. I must have also got contaminated by it.

Swami Bogarnatharji -“No, you were always clean and your heart always so good. You had another problem and that was because your baggage of karmas which was exceptionally heavy. Every time Maya as desire or wants came to you, your mind was always steadfast in vairagya and vivek– dispassion and wisdom. You have always told yourself-what will happen if I get this? Will I become happy always? Will the worldly things make me happy permanently? You wished for solutions for lasting happiness. Nothing could lure you. Your mind was always seeking permanence in God and his alluring attributes.

Your mind is very still and steadfast and always with your Gurus whether we are in body or not today. You are always with us and connected to our Spirit. Today’s Gurus do not have a Guru in forefront as a guard and a guide and they behave as if they are themselves an Avatar; they have fake personalities. They claim to be an Avatar. The fake Gurus have countless disciples but their own mind is not connected with their disciples. The mann, mind of their disciples is also not in their own control. Nonetheless, you are always with us mentally, spiritually and conceptually. Those people who remember you, you also keep them in your mind. If they leave you and break their mind union with you, you also cease the union because you have left everyone on their own will, as God has left us on our own will. It is our own wish whether we want to stay in unity with our guru or not, you also do not unnecessarily wish that people should follow you. You are as free as we are in Spirit and want nothing in lieu from others as recompenses or profits hence your peace is so deep and profound, it is impeccable and you are blessed.

Swami Bogarnatharji -“What is an Avatar?”

Me- “I don’t know please.”

Swami Bogarnatharji -“An Avatar is a fully enlightened being who may or may not be in the physical body. Avatar remains in one’s own space and enjoys inner peace and joy and when people recall or remember him or her, the Avatar also remembers them. Otherwise, they float in their own independence and freedom and are forever in God union. They are smritgami, which means that whenever they are called out or remembered by seeking aspirants or devotees, they are always there for them and they respond spontaneously in ether. Their auric energy comes into action and responds to the will and intent of the caller.

Distance does not matter. Their impeccable peace transforms and heals all those who look up to them for healing their bodies, hearts, minds or even Souls!

You will meet Babaji. Shivanandji will come to assist you in Rishikesh in coming November.”

Me-“My most revered Swamiji, I am very humbled at what you have told me so liberally. My whole sadhana in the beginning has been carried out with the hope of one day getting one darshan of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. If I did not have this unrelenting urge, I would not have encountered or invited so many hardships that in turn gave me the ticket to enter and soar in the highest zones of spiritual kingdom. What I have received and achieved in this tenure makes me absolutely gratified and quiet because I have received in spiritual wealth what no human being even attempts or dares to attain. They do not even succeed if they even wish to attain.  On the contrary, God has bestowed upon me so much fortune and wealth of ‘Tatva Gyan’, essence of what God is, that I am besieged in inundated thanksgiving and contentment as well as tranquility each day and every hour and minute, even when I go to sleep, during sleep and when I wake up! If you are supposedly saying that I will now get a darshan of Shri Babaji personally so that I still strive further, I will strive further but without any desire to meet Shri Babaji because I am drowned in Guru Kripa and Ishwar Kripa.

No desire remains to be fulfilled now. I have become a tree with your and other many saints and sages’ blessing; a tree full of blossoms and laden with abundance of ripe fruit on it. The fruit of blessings weighs the branches of this tree down out of gratitude and humility. Any passer-by who is hungry can pluck my fruit, it is for his hunger and appetite. Any traveller is most welcome to come and sit in the shade of my tree to get respite from the sunshine and heat as nothing is mine. I am oblivious who comes under the canopy and who goes away after resting. I am a flowing river now; I only flow regardless of who drinks my water and who bathes in me and who just watches the ripples or flow of the waves from the sides. Whatever I have attained, it all started with the first enormous blessing of Shri Mahavatar Babaji. His benediction initiated more blessings from you, his own Guru and from Shri Kartikeyan, His Param Guru and other constellation of divine lights in the Cosmos, many who are Nitya Jyots!

Swami Bogarnatharji -“My child you are my most favourite and very dear to me and I wish to tell me more about the place that you have lately visited, Katargama. You have visited a holy place that is profusely blessed by God. It is about 3,50,000 years old; three and a half lakh years old in age! In primitive times, they had a system that has been lost to modernity now. If a village had to be planned and developed, firstly a place used to be selected in the forest. That selected spot was sanctified and on that place, a deity was installed and worshiped. Around that sanctified area, a boundary was made and people were debarred from entering if they broke the set spiritual laws of tolerance, patience, harmony, compassion and truthfulness. In this way, the village was developed by first installing a deity and humans lived in clusters around it.

1.The holy area which you have just visited on which there are two immense holy shrines, has a wonderful history. It was first sanctified and worshiped by the forest tribes millions of years ago in a thick jungle. After that, once there was also a Shiva temple on which the temple of Katrikeyan is seen now. In fact, today underneath the same temple site, is the samadhi or resting place of Lord Kartikeyan which the population is unaware of, hence the copious spiritual rays radiating from it. So far, God had hidden these facts from the world but now is the time to reveal. The temple under which Kartikeyan Swamiji’s samadhi lies unknown to the world is the same spot where 3,50,000 years back, the villagers had installed their holy deity to make a village which is today known as Katargama! Therefore Katargama is approximately 3,50,000 years old on timeline in human history of civilization you see!

This is not all. Let me tell you a lot more than you have ever imagined since you work for us day in and day out without one day off for relaxation. You are my most dedicated and unassuming girl!

2.God chose the place where Babaji had done penance in Katargama more than eighteen hundred years ago for a good reason. He has done tapasya for just three years after which he went towards Badrinath confines. He achieved in three years what other sages would have achieved in thirty plus years. Therefore, in his meditation, God asked him to leave that place and he left the forest and came back to India in a boat to Kanyakumari first. On the very same place, prior to your heartthrob and one and only Guruji Babaji, seven rishis one by one have done intensive spiritual practices. Hence, this place is a spiritual dynamo.

3.Now let me come to the Bodhi Tree and tell you secreted facts about this special tree, which in the first place had called you in moments of your quietude and meditation. You were propelled to embark on your journey to Sri Lanka in 2009 without knowing where Babaji’s temple is even situated. It was a test for you that God took and He did it very mysteriously to confirm if you should be entitled to even attempt doing ghor tapasya or intense spiritual practices or not. If you had changed your mind, you would not have got the nod of approval from God to even perform the higher tests and practices prescribed later to you to elevate your divine consciousness. You passed the test with flying colours because of your love for Babaji, you wished to pay homage to his sacrifices and you still pay tributes in your periods of quietness to him whenever you remember him out of sheer gratitude.

Thus, as a Prasad and my blessing to you, I will tell you something very splendid this day and the world will receive this unexpected, bountiful mystical achievement and gain because of your intense tapas.

You have seen images of a meditating sage with overflowing knitted mats around him inside the Bodhi tree in this temple several times. You have also seen a hand calling out to you out of this Peepal tree trunk previously. By now, you know who it is. However, on your behalf let me announce to the world very impressive broadcast and outpourings which will invoke a serious reminder to them about the sacrifices of so many humble, noble souls and how indebted they should be to them always! It is because of these unknown noble souls, this Earth is still stable and has not perished. The indebted people must also remove all their dark blemishes to add to the goodness of the Earth’s unseen atmosphere of floating vibrations.

Lord Buddha’s wife was Yashodhara. Her brother was a saintly man whose intentions were different from all of you. He wished to serve the meditating sages other than him. In the presence of Lord Buddha one day, he made strong resolutions and intents. He had a very strong mind with powerful will and power of thought. He resolved not to get into the short human tenure once again to save time.  For longevity, he instead decided to take a new life into a Peepal Tree! God heard his plea and fulfilled his extremely selfless wish shortly. He became a Peepal tree as next incarnation and his Spirit is residing in it since 2334 years.

Without any trace of doubt, this place is a power house and dynamite because of establishment of three very powerful spiritual sites very close to one another. If joined together it becomes a triangle with very strong divine energies instilled in it.

God has saved this place by shifting the tectonic plate of the earth. With God’s strong will and dridh sankalpa Lanka separated from India many years ago so that their penance of that constellation of rishis should never go futile.

(Reference of be useful)

Now slide along with me to the earliest human settlement and civilization and further back to a time zone when the first humans lived as gatherers and hunters. During that time when the population of Earth was very scanty, the whole environment or space called akash was sanitised. The reason was that the first vikaar or corruption of human Spirit had not taken place yet. The scale of balance of negative and positive energy was not needed because the atmosphere was absolutely pure with not a single vibration of any human’s negative vibration floating in akash or ether.

How and why did the first wave of negative vibration in the sanitized atmosphere pollute Earth’s atmosphere?

Me- My power of mind can’t penetrate that hole and crack it to open where the akashic records are kept in safe, my holy Swamiji; the place where this information is stored.

Swami Bogarnatharji -‘There was one human being in which the first instinct of greed creeped in. Greed germinates out of one’s jealousy by comparison done with others. So jealousy polluted the sanitized ether, from that point of times other negatives vibrations were added to that first negative vibration in the atmosphere of the planet Earth. Prior to this incident, the whole atmosphere was very pure without any element of negative vibration. Therefore it was filled with peace and deep silence.”

Me-“Ji, Swamiji, I perceived and understood well now. You are telling and indicating to us that our weaknesses and negative qualities are so well entrenched and so primitive. Sadly, we have stored them for so, so long. We have accumulation and assemblage of various quantities of negative qualities of jealousy, greed, anger, lust and survival instincts and so many among us believe that they are clean in heart and proclaim their sanity, sanctity and purity by becoming Spiritual heads of vast spiritual organizations! It is so unfortunate, it is so pathetic! I understand your helplessness since you know all the truth and hidden facts about us and the people of the world. You wish to bring about Dharma and purity on Earth and you with others you are trying your best to bring more and more positive spiritual vibrations on Earth by helping us redeem and purify ourselves as many in number as possible.

Swami Bogarnatharji-“I wish to tell you some more facts about Prabhutva Gyan and. As you have not rested for more than fourteen days to complete the formidable task I have given you to compose the most challenging post so far I want to bless you more.

The rays emitted out of Prabhutva gyan are copper in colour and not golden; that’s why his hair appear copper coloured. You have seen the halo of Babaji several times. You are a small baby in front of Babaji. His achievements in regard to spiritual development in human civilization is extremely unique because he attained Godhood millions of years ago. He will continue to work the way he is presently for another 148 years more after which he will go quiet and maintain silence and never speak.

Your blog is a great literature and a masterpiece. You have worked excessively hard to achieve this phenomenal feat. Soon the people who are living in your surrounding and neighbourhood will wake up to your great spiritual endeavours and writing skills.

Henceforth, give discourses in your Workshop, stop explanations. Everyone should work very hard to achieve their own liberation.

From now on, we will bless all your children and others after you have blessed them first because you are bearing their accumulated sins on yourself and you suffer. They have sanchit karmas deposited over lakhs of years. They have taken lives so many times and have not yet redeemed their Self so far. Many of them are souls who were first born in a body two to three lakhs of years ago. Their accumulated sanchit karmas are very hard to remove. Your job is very demanding and tedious. They are indebted to you forever. Therefore, only after you bless them, shall we bless them later.  First you.”

Me-“Why are you saying this, my beloved and respected Swamiji? My place is always at your feet and I am prostrating and bowing down to you and all the celestial Masters now and forever. Kindly take back your words. I am too small to even think of it. Always first you.”

Swami Bogarnatharji-“No. I have been making you labour excessively hard. If you would not have done this work for us, how could it ever be done? You are the medium and you now have a choice if you wish to work so industriously or not. However, you always oblige us and work without a break without any expectation and ask for nothing from us ever. You are very humble and satisfied; and your heart melts when you see someone sorrowful or miserable or in a problem. You have compassion for all of humanity.

Babaji will meet you when you are alone abruptly and most unexpectedly on Ganga Ghat in Rishikesh like he met Shri Yukteshwarji on Rai Ghat after he finished the book-Holy Science. It is certain.”

Dear readers, the journey of more than fourteen days and nights with Swami Shri Bogarnatharji has been very benign and full of divinity and calmness. He has visited me so many times at any time of the day to cross check about my article. It is dedicated to him completely; nothing is mine. About fourteen years back, when I discovered that Shri Mahavatar Babaji had Swami Shri Bogarnatharji, Swami Murugan or Kartikeyanji as his gurus who appeared before him to initiate him into higher levels of Kriya Deeksha in Katargama, I pined for it. My heart was yearning to have a darshan of Shri Mahavatar Babaji and his two gurus too. I too wished to be initiated and longed to be under their tutelage. I had my aha moment and  I  thought- Oh how very wonderful all this is- being a sadhu, a great and accomplished meditator, and a yogi, immersing in deep solitude and silence for months in a forest, meditating for days……Who knew then that my deepest yearnings would be fulfilled so soon and so unexpectedly in this life? It was just a passionate dream I had then!

I humbly dedicate all my current endeavours to the most beautiful and most powerful of all of us-God. May the world be benefited by my each and every effort and may we all strive together to reach the abode of God within with our own will, thought and actions willingly.

Conclusion and closing of this marathon post to recapitulate the central theme-

There are three types of unknown, unidentified hidden powers in humans given by God. They are-

  • The power of will, Ichcha Shakti
  • Thought Power or Sankalpa Shakti
  • The power to act or Kriya Shakti

Should we utilize these powers well and harness them diligently and persistently, we shall make our mind, body and Soul blossom and fragrant with divine peace, supreme joy and never ending ecstasy and end all our sorrows forever!

A note for readers –

Post In search of Ultimate Peace-III is mandatory to get a firm grip of this post.

If you still wish to study this subject in further detail and want to co-relate other posts, then also read-God Within-II

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Besides that, how Shri Mahavatar Babaji has prepared me for so many years in my culmination and how He has been guiding this blog very systematically since its inception was narrated to the participants.

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