A few words before we begin…

Dear readers,

This blog is written in seven segments. Segment –A titled Celebrate Life was written from May ’08 to May ’09. It is of preparatory level for spiritual preparedness. Segment -B The Door to Heaven from Aug’09 to Aug’10.You might find topics dealt with in seg-B more advanced and you may please use seg-A as a reference point to get a better understanding.

Segment- C  which has a title Life Sacred and began on 1st Sept ‘2010 on Krishna Jayanti or Janamashtmi is a spiritual travelogue and has glimpses of Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar pilgrimage. For those of you who wish to go on this pilgrimage, refer to this excellent blog  also. The last post in this segment was on 10th of Sept’11 titled ‘Why is it mandatory to have a Divine GuruI & II?’

Segment D ‘Our lost rich heritage’ began on 10.11.11 and it deals with current global situation of environment degradation and deteriorating world affairs. Although these lingering issues are being dealt with by many agencies and individuals on different levels all across the globe, however,  a new and different approach has to be undertaken because there is a yawning gap between the alarming rate at which we are using the natural resources and the rate at which we are restoring the environment and hence undermining the impact of a slow catastrophe which can have on the quality of our lives now and in future.

To sustain every living being, to enhance the quality of our lives and to ensure that there are no wars and conflicts in sharing our resources, our one planet, our one Universe, His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji is currently resolving these intricate issues by enlightening us about our past heritage. And not only this, he is also illuminating individual souls to look into these current issues from spiritual perspective and divine outlook also. If a group of a few people who are spiritual and dedicated embark on a crusade to contribute towards the restoration of our environment, our rich heritage of glorious past civilizations all over the world; the contribution of such people will be so rich in quality and quantity! A definite shift, a positive tilt will be initiated towards changing the wheel of time if we make the right changes in this direction when a new era of peace, harmony, stability, abundance and prosperity for all shall usher globally.

Segment E called the  New Life, New Light was initiated on 10.10.12 and deals with theme of soul and how to find it. It is my suggestion that before you get started , please visit the Index page to get an overview of the blog.

Two new segments F & G titled ‘God Within’  began on 14.12.13 and is underway. These posts mostly contain the higher knowledge given by the ancient sages, now Nitya Jyot, who lived millions of years ago and are absolutely unknown to us. The spiritual knowledge that they are bestowing on us now is tried and tested and we cannot go wrong on our path because of their guidance astrally.

Since 31.12.13 regular short messages are being posted also on my Face book profile https://www.facebook.com/sarika.nagrath They are for the newcomers as well as the older students alike. Newcomers please do not send friend request unless you have read a few posts.  Have some interaction with me on the blog after reading the posts so that I know how to begin with you. Giving a brief introduction about yourself on FB messenger or on spiritinlife.wordpress.com will make my job easy. You can write to me on spiritinlife@gmail.com.

Comments regarding the blog should be left on the blog and your opinions on thoughts that are on FB should be shown on that page. Please do not ask questions regarding the posts on FB and vice versa.

The blog has been written with the guiding spirit of His Holiness Shri Mahavatar Babaji, the immortal Guru residing in the caves of Himalayas unknown to the world. He is the guiding force behind this blog and all along you will find references of him. Kindly refer to the About page to know more.



A request-Please do not use the quotes, paragraphs  posts or the URL on social netwroking sites without prior permission from the author.

A Note- For readers who wish to read the blog other than in English, you may use this link for translation. Please try this link and let me know if this works well. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=is&u=http%3A%2F%2Fspiritinlife.wordpress.com%2F

11 Responses to A few words before we begin…

  1. Sujata says:

    Dear Mam,
    Your blog is so amazing and electrifying , i couldn’t be able to read it complteley at once, as it’s very difficult to digest, but very glad to read this blog as i got many answers of my questions which were in my mind ..thanks so much from bottom of my heart!…would it be possible to meet u?..whr do you saty?…I am also a diciple of kriya yoga…and love Babaji so much!..

    • spiritinlife says:

      Dear Sujata, it is really amazing how fast more and more people are visiting the blog by just finding it on their own. It is your destiny that you found it and I wish you all my best. Please read some more articles and you shall come to know where I live. First spend considerable time on the blog,get a good understanding of things and then when God wills, you can meet me. Sarika

  2. Sujata says:

    Thank you so much mam!..your blog is like a mentor for me….just one question arrives in mind , ‘how to differenciate between mind and Atman/ soul…how could i come to know that the thoughts initiated whether they come from my mind or my soul?…

    • spiritinlife says:

      Sujata, first of all know that there are two separate things- One Universal, infinite Spiritual Source called Atma out of which everything in the Universe originated. A segment of that Infinite is present in ‘jeeva’ in the form of ‘manas’or mind. But the mind is restless most of the time because its direction is flowing outwardly and also because that is its ‘mool prakriti’ or nature.
      Eg-The reflection of full moon is shaky in a rippled lake while a still lake has undisturbed clear image of it.
      Similarly, a disturbed, restless, agitated or scattered mind cannot have the inspiration of God or higher Self to which I also referred to as Atma in the beginning.
      What we normally hear all the time is the voice of our mind which is oscillating and has relections of worldly sensations. To still the mind first, then silence it finally is the procedure to hear the subtle sound of Atma. Atma can be touched, felt and heard in moments of complete stillness of mind.
      The voice of our soul is always beneficial, selfless and inspirational while that is not the case of human mind.
      To reach upto this stage one has to practice concentration after which the mind settles down in meditation. Regular meditation calms and stills the mind. But until then, the voice of Atma is mostly covered by the thoughts and our sanskaras although in many moments it does speak to us but we either ignore or underestimate it. Both the voices are blurred or hazy but can be differentiated after a long period of time with meditation and other good pious acts.

      There are many articles related to what you have asked, read them.
      I was very brief and if you still want me to elaborate, I shall be pleased….. Sarika

      • sujata says:

        Dear Mam, Thanks a ton!…now i realized exact diff…that means in other way can we say that , mind is like a child and soul is like mature grown up form of the same child ?..pls correct me if i am wrong…I am reading your articles daily and it clears lot of confusions….Thank you so much once again!!!!!…:-)

        • spiritinlife says:

          Sujata, your perserverance and hard work will pay. You mentioned that you are reading these aticles daily and several times. Let me tell you here that though these posts look simple because the language style used is simplistic, but there are many mysteries which were not unfolded so far to humanity and those unseen spiritual principles are posted here. It may take you some more time to fully grasp these things, nonetheless you should be at it.
          There is no adulteration in delivering the divine messages and the deliverance is sincere and accurate. So please put your mind firmly and try to grasp whatever you find useful and attractive. This will bring you concentration of mind. If you think through these posts for a long time, you will develop contemplation and if you apply them in your life after contemplation, you will gain wisdom. Now wisdom gives freedom. Each word here has a meaning, a purpose. Also try to read in between the lines…..
          You said-
          now i realized exact diff…that means in other way can we say that , mind is like a child and soul is like mature grown up form of the same child ?..pls correct me if i am wrong…

          Now listen Our Atma is like the endless sky and our mind is like a huge floating cloud……the cloud has to dissolve itself completely to become one with the sky…..
          Human mind when fully united with the Universal Spirit one day becomes that…

          For today this much is enough I think. More after some time.
          With blessings from God

  3. Sujata says:

    Dear Mam…
    Thanks a ton!…Now the things are getting more and more clear…also I am reading your articles daily..and several times…thank you so much , once again!…

  4. Atul says:

    Humble obeisance to our Divine Guru Deva and Divine Mother on this auspicious Guru Purnima

  5. Rosemarie says:

    Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the issues.
    It was truly informative. Your websitte is useful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  6. Atul says:

    Babaji’s Blog is a Teerath. Every visit to the Blog is like a Teerath yatra.

  7. RK. says:

    [Amidst of worldly drifts, babaji reminds me kriya practise through surprisingly various channels since 7 years. Babaji truley blesses who yearns sincerely( Lahiri mahasaya)].

    Aurobindo’s Integral philoposphy is best understood if one practices Kriya yoga. This blog is one such garden with fragrance of both the rearest flowers.

    Wish Babaji strengthens my will to overcome worldly hurdles to discover those deeper levels of Kriya space which I had a slightest glimpse before I went offshore to do Post grads then work followed by wedding now blessed as a father.
    – RK.

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